Most Marketable Courses in Kenya County Governments


Top Marketable Diploma / University Courses in Kenya County Governments

Best diploma course in kenya 2016

There is a pattern in the way the recruitment is done. People with certain qualifications are better placed to secure jobs with county government than others.
Job seekers and students, please take your time as you go through the list of the most marketable courses in Kenya 2015 based on how county governments are recruiting.

Quick summary
Lets first get a summary of the 5 most marketable course before we go into details. The courses are ranked based on their marketability.
1.    Bachelor of commerce (Accounting Option).
2.    Bachelor of arts in public administration.
3.    Bachelor of arts in Human Resource management.
4.    Bachelor of arts in Project management.
5.    Bachelor of arts in community development.

Different universities will give different names to the above degree courses. However, the key thing to look at is the objectives of the course. For example, the University of Nairobi offers a degree called Bachelor of Arts in Planning and Management. Now, this course which is offered by the University of Nairobi is just similar to a Bachelor of Arts in Project management as stated in a job advert.

Now let’s go into the details.

Course #1: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting option)
There is no course in Kenya which is as marketable as the Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. Every other time the county governments have advertisements there are always several vacancies that require a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting. Do you know why?

County governments receive billions of shillings from the Controller of Budget. The Controller of Budget always goes round counties demanding for clean accounts on how the county governments have used the funds. This has forced the county government to hire accountants who can help them with ironing out accounting issues.

In addition to the above, county governments are generating their own revenue. In most cases, the revenues are in hundreds of millions of shillings a month. Because of the large sums of money that require to be accounted for, county governments are always in demand for accountants.

Positions for Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Option)
Some of the jobs in county Governments that require a Bachelor’s degree in accounting include;
•    Payroll accountant.
•    Internal auditor.
•    County/ sub county accountant.

Salaries for holders of Bachelor of Commerce in County Governments
Accountants and internal auditors in county governments are employed under terms and conditions of Job group K and above. The junior accountants are entitled to an average basic salary of KSH. 41,000 (Excluding allowances).

Senior accountants and internal auditors in County governments are employed under terms and conditions of Job group P. Therefore, they earn a maximum basic salary of KSH. Ksh. 103,894 per month excluding allowances.

Course #2: Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
The second most marketable course in counties in Kenya is Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration.

On top of having a Bachelor of Arts in Public administration, work experience in a public or private institution is normally required for the senior positions.

Course #3: Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource management.
Bachelor of Arts in Human resource management comes third as the most marketable course in county governments. Many County Governments are hiring and firing each and every day due to dynamic political interests. Astute human resource personnel are always in demand as the politician hire and fire.

Since county governments are under the mercy of the electorates, many employees will be fired and others hired as the voters choose new leaders after every election. Therefore, the marketability of Human Resource personnel always exists in counties across Kenya.

Course #4: Bachelor of Arts in Project management
Billions of shillings are challenged to all counties every year. Many counties have had difficulties in absorbing the funds that have been allocated to them. With many counties facing a lot of challenges in implementing projects, the demand for project managers is clearly visible in the many job adverts by county governments.

A project manager in a county government is supposed to;
•    Advise county government on budgetary requirements of projects.
•    Supervise the implementation of county projects.
•    Prepare reports on different county projects for evaluation by the Controller of Budget.

Course #5: Bachelor of Arts in Community Development

From sub county development officers to county assembly ward development officer, the demand for personnel with skills on community development is so high at county level.

Of all the marketable courses in county governments, this fifth course is the most robust. You will make many connections with different people within the county as you oversee community development projects all over the county. Remember that connections are important for your career development.

Community development personnel are required by county governments to;
•    Prepare community development strategies and guidelines.
•    Supervise the implementation of various community development activities (Such as pipe water implementation projects etc).
•    Prepare schedules for community sensitization initiatives.
•    Work with different women groups and youth groups.

Other courses which are open for a wide range of county jobs in Kenya are;
•    Bachelor science in Mathematics.
•    Bachelor of science in statistics.
•    Bachelor of Science in Agricultural economics.
•    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
•    Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
•    Bachelor of Science in Public Health.

The courses which we have just listed above are not as in very high demand as the first five courses which we have provided a lot of details about. However, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and the Bachelor of Science in Statistics tend to always have a lot of county jobs that are open for holders of either of these two degrees.

Information to form four leavers
If you have recently completed form four then we greatly advise you to enroll for any of the following courses;
•    Accounting.
•    Business administration.
•    Human resource management.
•    Public administration.
•    Agricultural economics.
•    Pharmacy.
•    Community development.
A diploma in any of the above courses is highly marketable in county governments and several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Always remember to build connections with people. Securing a job at the county government is more of who-knows-who after the academic qualifications have been met.