Top Most Well Paying Jobs in Kenya – Best Paying Professions in Kenya

Top Most Well Paying Jobs in Kenya

A look at the best paying professions and jobs in Kenya.

There is one thing that is of greater concern than all to most jobseekers in Kenya; The salary. Everyone wants to know how much they’ll be paid before they can apply. While there may be other factors to consider such as job security and growth, Salary is often given priority.

This is why you will find most job seekers wanting to work for NGOs and international organizations, but these are not the only paying jobs in Kenya.

To counter this, here are some of the best paying professions in Kenya today.

1. Engineering
Without a doubt, Engineering is a good profession to take up when you are qualified and looking forward to the handsome paycheck at the end of the month. With a Degree or Diploma in Electrical Engineering, you can earn up to KSh 80, 000 at entry level.

2. Accounting
The Accounting profession is getting popular in Kenya, there is a pool of people pursuing it and this is why. At entry level, you can easily earn KSh 60, 000 and as you go up the ladder you move to the 6 figure salary. A Degree in Accounting and 5 years experience will easily give you KSh 300,000.

3. IT
Don’t be surprised to find this in the list. If you find yourself running into positions with very low salaries in the IT field, then you are not looking in the right places. The average salary for a Java Developer is KSh 50, 000 and that is for both entry level and more experienced.
So, like any other profession, the more the experience the more the pay. A Degree in ICT related course and 3 years experience can get you earning over 100,000.

4. Procurement
Most people hear about taking on a procurement profession and they make a face. You need not to because it makes the list of best paying professions in Kenya. Just a Degree will guarantee you KSh 50, 000 and this is on the lower side, depending on the company.

5. Architecture
This list is not complete without the Architecture profession. With Have a Bachelors degree in either Regional planning, Urban or Town Planning and relevant experience, you can earn over KSh 150,000. A Diploma will get you at least KSh 30,000 for entry level.