Career Recruitment – 2018 Jobs Vacancy 4 Career Myths That Are Keeping You From Succeeding Kenya
Job Employment Kenya: 2018 Jobs Vacancy 4 Career Myths That Are Keeping You From Succeeding Kenya
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By Kibet Tobias

Have you ever wondered why there are so many successful young professionals in Kenya today, yet we still have a large number of people struggling to get ahead in their careers without any good result?

Personally, I have seen several Business people, CEOs, accountants, journalists, Doctors and many more.

Now, why do you always find yourself failing in your career while there are others who are succeeding in the same field?

Here are some misleading misconceptions that you need to stop believing if you want to succeed in your career.

1. ‘Follow your passion’

You have heard this phrase ‘follow your passion’ more than once.

Maybe your parent, friend or mentor advised you to do what you love and you’ll be happy for the rest of your life.

Remember there are plenty of opportunities out there that are satisfying. I can confirm to you that I know a friend who studied Computer science in university but today he works as a teller in a city Bank. He is very successful in this banking career.

You only need to stop worrying about finding your passion. Instead be passionate and start loving what you are doing now!

Successful people suggest that you fake it till you make it.

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2. ‘The company has their own preferred candidate”

Believe it or not, there are so many qualified people who fail to apply for a certain job because they believe that the company already has their own preferred candidate. And so applications are just for formalities.

They feel they should not waste time applying; after all, they won’t be shortlisted. This is not always true. It is just an attitude that has been programmed into your mind.

Imagine if all of us had the same belief, most companies would lack people to work for them.

3. ‘You need connections for you To Get a Job’

You may think that you have to know specific people to get ahead in your career. Do you start thinking about who can help you to talk with the recruiter? Who can help you get shortlisted? Who can help you to get the interview for the position you applied for one week ago?  Who can help you start your own business?

I agree that some people have godfathers in high places and it becomes easier for them to get jobs they want but this should not prevent you from pursuing that opportunity.

Yes, it is true that you need to consider networking when looking for a job. However, it is not the main tool to rely on.

As a matter of fact, many people are getting jobs just by sending applications and attending interviews.

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4. ‘What if I fail?’

Every one of us fears failure because we want to succeed. And that is natural.

But if you let the fear rule over you, it becomes difficult to make any step in your career. You fear to take that new job promotion. You fear to start a business. You fear to change your industry.

There are so many fears that can prevent you from taking risks and embracing new opportunities.

You need to focus on the positive outcomes. See yourself succeeding even where there are challenges.


You need to be wise about your career if you want to succeed. Some advice can be good while some can be very misleading and may stand in the way of you and your great opportunity. If you can relate with any of the above career myths, it is time to get out and start taking risks.

Tobias is a Writer/Digital Marketer at Career Point Kenya. Email

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