Career Recruitment – 2018 Jobs Vacancy First Day On A New Job? Here Is How You Stand Out Kenya
Job Employment Kenya: 2018 Jobs Vacancy First Day On A New Job? Here Is How You Stand Out Kenya
Job Description: Today Work Kenya

By Kibet Tobias

After making several job applications and attending interviews, you have finally gotten your new job.

You have stayed strong throughout the entire process and worked too hard to get there. It has paid you off. Congratulations!

Now, what next?

Your first day in the office is the time to make a great impression to your new team. It is not about proving your abilities and productivity at this time. You can be very excited and anxious about the opportunity to work there but you have to be careful not to hurt your reputation.

There are things you should and shouldn’t do during your first few days on the job. Here are a few;

1. Dress appropriately

During your interview with the new employer, you certainly noticed the dressing code of the interviewers. This might represent the true picture of the company.

You were must also have been given a few about the culture of the organization including how to dress when they offered you the job.

According to Cynthia Wangeci, a recruiter at Corporate Staffing Services, when you don’t have information about the way of dressing, it is important to stay official.

“Once you work there for sometimes you will get to see how the others dress. This way you’ll be able to match them,” she says.

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2. Arrive early into the office

When everyone else arrived late for the interview, you showed up earlier. This is one thing that made you stand out from the rest. And that’s commendable.

What should now make you change after getting the job?

You should always remain punctual. If you are supposed to officially start work at 8 O’clock, ensure you arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the actual time even when you don’t have something to do.

However, you don’t have to arrive too early when everyone else, including your boss has not arrived.

3. Start Building relationships

Being new in the office doesn’t mean you have to wait for weeks to start finding friends. Remember the company will not assign you one. Introduce yourself to the team and take advantage of your newness.

Almost everyone will be willing to help you in the office. So it is good to be friendly and ask questions.

During break time, get to know as many people as you can. By doing this, you will be able to find someone to mentor you in your new job.

Remember not to ask too many questions though.

4. Don’t bring personal things to the office

When you set your foot in the new work environment, it is advisable not to bring your personal items to the office. Most companies will provide you with the necessary tools of work like computers.

Just keep your laptop at home. Any decorative items like frames and flowers should stay at home until the right time comes.

Instead, you can always bring a notebook and a pen to help you take important notes.

5. Don’t discuss your past or personal life

Due to the excitement of finally getting a new job, you might be tempted to share your past life because you want to be accepted and to fit in but don’t.. You are starting a new life now and the past may not actually matter.

Whatever you have achieved or done in your previous positions should just remain on your CV. You don’t want to bore people.


As a new team member, you need to be relaxed to learn from the rest. And as long as you know what to do, you are going to navigate the workplace smoothly. These are just but a few tips on how to survive your first day in the office.

Tobias is a communication Assistant at Career Point Kenya. Email Any comment? Leave it below.

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