Career Recruitment – 2018 Jobs Vacancy How Your Self Esteem Affects Your Job Performance And Productivity Kenya
Job Employment Kenya: 2018 Jobs Vacancy How Your Self Esteem Affects Your Job Performance And Productivity Kenya
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By Perminus Wainaina

When you hear the term, “self-esteem”, what comes to your mind?

This is how I define self-esteem, “how highly or lowly you regard your worth and value.”

A high or low self-esteem greatly determines how well we communicate and interact with others, our outlook on life and even our job performance.

It’s possible for your job to also affect your self-esteem. Imagine working in a place where you are constantly disrespected, underpaid, demotivated and made to feel worthless and replicable?

This will most certainly affect how you perform. It will affect how you relate with others and how well or poorly you interact with the rest of your team.

A high or low self-esteem plays a very big role in determining how productive you are at work.

People with a high self-esteem also have high emotional intelligence and that’s why they always seem to advance more than others career-wise.

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So today we are going to look at how your self-esteem may be affecting your job either positively or negatively.

3 major high self-esteem affects your job performance and productivity

Benefit #1: You are able to express your ways a thoughts or ideas confidently.

Practicing high self-esteem at work will enable you to speak up. You will have the self- confidence to speak publicly and express your thoughts without fear or intimidation.

Whether it’s an idea you have that can allow the company to make more money or increase its customers, whether in a boardroom meeting, during company retreats etc., a high self-esteem will enable you to bring out some of your best ideas and suggestions.

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