Career Recruitment – 2019 Jobs Vacancy Hotel Finance Manager Job in Kenya
Job Employment Kenya: 2019 Jobs Vacancy Hotel Finance Manager Job in Kenya
Job Description: Today Work Kenya

Job Title: Finance Manager

Reports To: Director Finance

Job Purpose: Managing the Hotel’s Finance and Accounting department, producing accurate and timely financial reports, suggesting cost management and revenue enhancement strategies, implementing controls and safeguarding the company’s assets.

Key Objectives:

  1. To ensure that the daily revenue and cost reports are promptly and accurately prepared.
  2. To ensure the unit’s monthly accounts are accurately and timely prepared to enable management access and monitor the Hotel’s performance.
  3. To ensure that the Hotel’s bank accounts are accurate and reconciliations done.
  4. To prepare the unit’s budget so as to enable management do proper planning.
  5. To manage the accounts department’s human resources.
  6. To ensure the company’s assets are safeguarded.
  7. To manage the hotel’s cash flow.
  8. Carry out credit control for selected accounts.
  9. To undertake financial management for the hotel projects.

Objectives Label: Daily Financial Reports

Key Result Areas

  • Ensuring the daily revenue and cost reports are accurately and promptly prepared.
  • Ensuring the daily food a cost reports are accurately and promptly prepared.
  • Ensuring the daily beverage cost reports are accurately and promptly prepared and any shortages recovered.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Timely and accurate reports
  • No delay in recovery of bar shortages.

Objectives Label: Accurate and Correct Bookkeeping. Monthly Financial Reports 

Key Result Areas

  • Ensure proper book keeping at the hotel
  • Ensure correct posting of records
  • Ensuring that all monthly journal vouchers and postings are done on time and that they are accurate.
  • Preparing monthly accounts schedules for utilities and other accruals and ensuring there are adequate provisions in the accounts.
  • Ensuring schedules done by other staff in accounts are timely prepared and any outstanding items are followed up.
  • Preparing the Financial review statistics, reports and key indicator report on a monthly basis and facilitate finance reviews.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Accurate postings
  • Accuracy of monthly accounts
  • Adequate provisions in the accounts and timely preparation of the schedules.
  • Follow up of outstanding items in the schedules.
  • Timely availability of accurate evaluation reports.

Objectives Label: Bank Accounts

Key Result Areas

  • Prepare daily cash flow reports and comparing with the daily bank account balances.
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations for the foreign currency accounts.
  • Ensuring daily banking summaries are accurate.
  • Checking payment documents and signing cheques for payments done at the Hotel.
  • Verification of the Hotel’s staff payroll.

Key Performance Indicators

  • No difference between amounts banked  and actual bank balances.
  • No reconciling items in the bank reconciliations.
  • No unbanked amounts which are supposed to be banked.
  • Accurate payment for goods or services rendered.

Objectives Label: Budget

Key Result Areas

  • Liaising with departmental heads and WAL head office on items to be included in the budget.
  • Compilation of the budget document.
  • Discussion of the final budget proposal with the Hotel’s management before submitting to WAL head office.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Communicating with the heads of departments on items to be included in the budget.
  • Timeliness and accuracy of the budget.
  • Management’s approval of the proposed budget.

Objectives Label: Human Resources

Key Result Areas

  • Conducting interviews.
  • Management of accounts staff performance.
  • Training and developing accounts staff
  • Managing accounts office staff leaves
  • Conducting departmental meetings

Key Performance Indicators

  • Quality of staff in accounts.
  • Existence fully documented performance standards
  • Existence of clear practical job objectives for all accounts staff
  • No accumulation of leave days.
  • Staff well informed on the department’s goals and objectives.

Objectives Label: Cash flow

Key Result Areas

  • Monitor the hotel’s cash flow to ensure funds are available and properly allocated.

Key Performance Indicators

  • No deficit and unnecessary charges in the bank accounts.

Objectives Label: Safeguarding the company’s assets

Key Result Areas

  • Ensure purchases of fixed assets are done procedurally by raising a capex form.
  • Ensure all fixed assets are tagged and the tag number is updated on the fixed asset register.
  • Ensure disposal form is raised for disposal of fixed assets.
  • Co-ordinate the physical stock-take of assets to ensure they are in existence.

Key Performance Indicators

  • No assets purchased without capex.
  • No untagged assets
  • No assets disposed without the disposal form.
  • Updated records of fixed assets.

Objectives Label: Carry out credit control role for selected accounts

Key Result Areas

  • Ensure Hotel credit card payments are promptly banked on a daily basis
  • Ensure reconciliation for credit card accounts is done promptly and accurately.
  • Ensure collection is done for debtors accounts
  • Ensure settlement is done for agent commissions

Key Performance Indicators

  • No unbanked credit cards for Hotel.
  • Have correct credit card account reconciliations with any variances followed up.
  • No long outstanding debts for debtors.
  • No unsettled agent commissions.

Objectives Label: Hotel Projects

Key Result Areas

  • Keep an updated record of all invoices/purchases made in relation to projects.
  • Ensure the project costs/invoices are posted to the correct account in the ledger.
  • Prepare and update the spreadsheet on the project’s progress.
  • Continuously update the spreadsheet with costs incurred.
  • Prepare sensitivity analysis for the various project phases.
  • Prepare the proposed budget for the projects.
  • Ensure supplier invoices are correct and paid on time.

Key Performance Indicators

  • No unaccounted for project invoices.
  • No misposting of project invoices.
  • Availability of update on the project’s progress.
  • Records available for cumulative project costs.
  • Records available for projected revenue/profits.
  • Records available for project’s budget.
  • No complaints from suppliers regarding payment.

How to Apply

QUALIFIED candidates should send their resume to by 21st January 2019.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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