21 Vacancies in Chuka University, Kenya 2020
Career Employment Kenya: 21 Vacancies in Chuka University, Kenya 2020
Job Description: Today Work Kenya

Chuka University, the second Public University to be
chartered, located in a serene breathtaking scenery 186 Kms from Nairobi,
invites suitably qualified, highly competent and self-driven candidates to fill
the following position:

REF: CU/AD/2/1/2020
The Human Resources Manager will work under the Registrar
((Administration and Planning).

The successful candidate will provide strategic planning and
guidance in the development, coordination and implementation of Human Resources
in the University. She/he will identify and assess university human resource
needs including recruitment, training, employee welfare and retirement
benefits. She/he will provide timely and accurate information to the University
for planning and managerial decision-making.

She/he will deal in HR matters such as appointments,
promotions, retirement, disciplinary action, sanction of leave, incentive
pertaining to both teaching and non-teaching staff, Coordinate the design,
implementation and maintenance of appropriate human resources policies,
procedures and systems that attract and retain qualified and experienced Human
  • Must
    have a Master’s degree in Human resources management, business
    administration, or a related field
  • Must
    have at least 5 years’ experience in a Human Resource office
  • Should
    demonstrate skills in interpersonal communication, decision-making,
    organization, leadership, and speaking
  • Should
    possess the ability to use human resource management
The managerial and operative functions of the Human
Resources Manager will include:
  • Provision
    of leadership for Human Resources Strategic Planning by
    collecting, analyzing and identifying current and future Human Resources
    needs within the
  • Implement
    all Human Resources policies, programmes, and practices to keep management
    informed of new developments.
  • Develop
    and monitor an annual budget that includes Human Resources services,
    employee recognition, sports teams and community events support, company
    philanthropic giving, and benefits
  • Oversee
    compliance with regulatory concerns regarding
  • Organize
    and allocate tasks to staff as per their skills and activities aimed at
    achieving the overall goals of the
  • Direct
    and activate employees so that they contribute maximum towards
    organizational goals. Identify the potentialities of employee through
    motivation and
  • Plan,
    organize and direct employee performance by checking, verifying and
    monitoring achievement according to performance targets and goals and
    control deviations from the set plan and
  • Assist
    in recruitment and selection the right candidates for the
  • Issue
    job descriptions, required qualifications, skills, work experience
    required for specific job positions, duties and responsibilities and
    conduct job
  • Manage performance and
    improve systems by check and analyzing employee job performance by
    appraising them
  • Assess
    and determine employee training needs skills and knowledge to enable them
    perform their job effectively.
  • Ensure
    that the payroll is checked and that different job types are compensated
    accordingly. Motivate and provide incentives, bonus, benefits related to a
  • Ensure
    employees get services, benefits and provide facilities to enhance
    employee well- being.
  • Retain
    employees by minimizing turnover and sustaining best performing employees
    within the
  • Maintain
    cordial Labour Relations with regards to the unionized workforce
  • Engage
    in industrial relations for best Management /Union understanding on wages,
    promotions, work conditions, welfare activities, leadership, employee
    satisfaction and other key
  • Document
    and maintain employee records and information including employment
    history, work hours, earning history
  • Health
    and safety of the
  • Participates
    in executive, management, and company staff meetings and attends other
    meetings and
  • Develop
    and administer programmes, procedures, and guidelines to help align
    the workforce with the University strategic
  • Prepare
    periodic reports for management, as necessary or requested, to track
    strategic goal
  • Must
    have a Master’s degree in Medicine from a recognized institution
  • Must
    have a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery/ Bachelor’s degree in
    dentistry from a recognized
  • Must
    be registered in Kenya as a medical practitioner
  • Must
    have 3 years’ experience in medical practice with exemplary work
  • Treat
    patients in the area of specialization.
  • Admit
    and manage patients within the dispensary and outside the
  • Manage
    the University Health
  • Ensure
    proper operation of University Health
  • Organizing,
    planning and controlling resources
  • Any
    other duties that may be assigned by the immediate supervisor
The applicant must have the following:
  • Bachelor’s
    Degree in Nursing / Higher Diploma in Nursing from a recognized
  • Be
    registered as Kenya registered
  • Exemplary
  • 3
    years’ experience as a Nursing Officer I or equivalent.
  • Plan,
    supervise and co-ordinate nursing
  • Ensure
    availability of medical supplies
  • Counsel
    clients, patients and staff under him/her.
  • Any
    other duties that may be assigned by the immediate supervisor.
  • Must
    have Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Accounting option) or its equivalent
    and CPA part I
  • Must
    have a certificate in Computer Assisted Accounting Packages
  • Should
    show exemplary work performance
  • Should
    have experience of 2 years as senior account assistant 1
  • Supervise
    staff under them
  • Prepare
    financial reports
  • Maintain
    accountable documents (Register)
  • Maintain
    and update assets register
  • Supervise
    the preparation of cash books and bank reconciliation statements
  • Ensure
    the remittance of all statutory deductions as per the law
  • Any
    other duties that may be assigned by immediate supervisor
  • KCSE
    Certificate with a minimum grade of C- (minus)
  • Certificate
    in relevant field
  • On
    the job training
  • Exemplary
    work performance
  • 3
    years’ experience as Custodian II
  • Assist
    in maintenance of security in the students’ hostels
  • Ensure
    cleanliness in the hostels
  • Coordinate
    and supervise activities of students and their visitors in hostels
  • Verify
    room occupancy
  • Conduct
    checks of facilities and properties
  • Ensure
    no authorized individuals have access to hostels
  • Report
    on repair works in their respective hostels
  • Issue
    and manage stores in their respective hostels
  • Any
    other duties assigned by immediate supervisor
For appointment to this post a candidate must have:
  • Master’s
    degree in the relevant field or its equivalent from a recognized
  • 3
    years’ experience as Estates Manager Grade
  • In
    charge of estates department.
  • Responsible
    for maintenance of university plants, properties and equipment.
  • Submission
    of plant, property and equipment reports to the University.
  • Advise
    management on the physical development of the university.
  • Formulate
    and submit policy proposal on physical infrastructure and development of
    the university.
  • Responsible
    for preparation and control of budget
  • In-charge
    of staff matters within the department
  • Responsible
    for formulation of strategic plan of the department
  • Responsible
    for the organization, management and performance of all functions of the
  • Any
    other duties that may assign by immediate supervisor
For appointment to this post a candidate:
  • Bachelor’s
    degree/HND in Engineering or its equivalent from a recognized institution.
  • Exemplary
  • 2
    years’ experience as Elevator Installer and Repairer or equivalent
  • Detect
    and disassemble defective units, and repair or replace parts such as
    locks, gears, cables, and electric
  • Inspect
    wiring connections, control panel hookups, door installations, and
    alignments and clearances of cars and hoistways to ensure that equipment
    will operate
  • Maintain
    installed electrical wires, controls and attached conduits along shaft
    walls on every floor, plastic-covered wires through the conduit cars and
    hoistways to ensure that equipment operates
  • Using
    test equipment, locate malfunctions in brakes, motors, switches, signal
    and control systems,
  • Maintain
    a log book that detail records of all repairs and checks performed
  • Prepare
    a scheduled maintenance plan
  • Operate
    elevators to determine power demands, and test power consumption to detect
  • Read
    and interpret blueprints to understand and determine the layout of system
    components, frameworks, and foundations in case of a
  • Test
    all newly installed equipment to ensure that it meets specifications, such
    as stopping at floors for the set amounts of
  • Participate
    in additional training to keep skills up-to-date.
  • Adjust
    safety controls, counterweights, door mechanisms, and components such as
    valves, ratchets, seals, and brake
  • Assemble,
    install, repair, and maintain elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, and
    dumbwaiters, using hand and power tools, and testing devices such as test
    lamps, ammeters, and
  • Check
    that guide shoes and rollers are attached to minimize the lateral motion
    of cars as they travel through
  • Check
    that safety regulations and building codes are met, and complete service
    reports verifying standards are conformed
Interested applicants are advised to visit Chuka University
website at www.chuka.ac.ke
for the conditions for eligibility, requirements and other details
for all the positions.
Applicants must submit ten (10) copies of application letters
giving details of their age, Education and professional qualifications,
detailed work experience, present post and salary, applicant’s day telephone
and email address, and enclosing duly certified copies of certificates and
testimonials and giving names and addresses of three (3) referees who are
knowledgeable about the applicants’ competence accompanied by a detailed
Curriculum Vitae.
Applicants should request their referees to write and send their
confidential recommendation letters on their behalf directly to the
undersigned. The name and the reference number of the position for which
application is made should be clearly indicated on the envelope.
 Applications should reach the
undersigned not later than Friday 31st January, 2020 at 5 p.m.

Chuka University is an equal opportunity employer. People with
disabilities are encouraged to apply.