Career Advice – 4 Toxic Behaviors That Are Preventing People From Helping You
Job Hunting Tips: 4 Toxic Behaviors That Are Preventing People From Helping You

By Kibet Tobias

Many people believe that professional connections only belong to a few lucky individuals who are talented, handsome, beautiful or qualified.

You may quickly fall prey to this belief but it’s just a misconception.

In reality, if you want to succeed in life, you have to take full control of your behaviors.

You don’t have to be liked by everybody but if you feel people hate you that no one is willing to help you, maybe there are things you are doing that are not resonating with them. Maybe you have toxic behaviors that push them away.

Let’s look at some of the behaviors that are preventing people from helping you.

1. You don’t accept constructive criticism

No one is perfect in this world. Just like I have my own faults and flaws, so you do.

If you always refuse to accept negative feedback, you are blocking their potential assistance and you may not be able to grow in your career.

I know sometimes it is difficult to own up to your mistakes because you expect the worst to happen but remember that you are human. Be always willing to acknowledge both positive and negative feedback. They will make you accountable and strong.

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2. You always act like the victim

You are so negative about yourself that everything is against you. You fail to understand that most people fear to associate with negative minded individuals. You don’t have to keep replaying that painful experience from last year.

Start seeing life in a fair and positive angle.

3. You Lack emotional self-control

Imagine someone who is always over reacting over every small issue that happens. They will yell at you if you accidentally spill tea on the floor. Clearly, this person is overly emotional and you may not want to associate with them.

Being unable to control your emotions is toxic and pushes away everyone around you.

If you’re overly emotional, it is possible to turn your emotions into something successful.

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4. You are jealous

You will agree that natural feelings of envy can push you to become better since you also want to be successful like so and so. The problem with most of us is that we tend to be jealous at everything. You become so obsessed with someone else’s blessings until you forget your own.

You need to stop comparing yourself to others. Learn to compete with one person, only you.


These are just but a few bad behaviors that can prevent people from being there for you in times of need.  If you can relate to any of them, just know you are not alone.  Each one of us has unique unhealthy traits that sometimes come out unexpectedly. But in the end, being aware is the key to turning things around.

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