5 Advanced Excel Skills You Should Have Kenya 2021
Career Employment Kenya: 5 Advanced Excel Skills You Should Have Kenya 2021
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In a competitive job market, there are specific qualifications you should have to be marketable.

As an Advanced excel user, you need to think of ways that will make employers notice you.

What better way to grab their attention than to have the top excel skills? Employers are most interested in your skills than any other thing while going through your application.

For you to be referred to as a professional and get noticed, there are five advanced excel skills you should have.

Essential Advanced Excel Skills


Otherwise known as vertical lookup, VLOOKUP is an advanced excel function that helps you find a value in a table.

To achieve this, what it does is retrieve data vertically using a lookup value in the table. This excel skill will make you marketable in the advanced excel field.

2. Index Match

As suggested by the name, index match is an Advanced Excel feature with a combination of two functions, match and index.

Match helps you return the position of a cell in a column or a row. The Index function, on the other hand, aids you to go back to the value of a cell at a specified location in a table or list.

There are so many jobs that need this excel function.

3. Advanced Conditioning Format

The conditional formation is an advanced excel skill that helps design a spreadsheet.

This function is a perfect way for you to create a spreadsheet, given that it provides you with a quick way to add a visual analysis layer to a data set.

4. Pivot Tables & Reporting

Advanced excel has a powerful feature called a pivot table. This excel feature will help you create reports with large data sets.

It is like an ordinary report table, but the only difference is, the pivot one will let you view the same data from different perspectives.

Your chances of getting an NGO job will increase with this advanced excel knowledge.

5. Macros & VBA

Macros and VBA are two co-dependent functions in excel software. To use macros, you will need to have deep knowledge of VBA.


Well, macros is a small computer program that functions once turned on. This program is written in Visual Basic for Application (VBA) language and stored in modules.

Having all these five advanced excel skills will make you stand out from everyone else when applying for jobs. ‘

Employers love to hire candidates with a diverse set of skills that can profit their organization.

If you do not have any of these skills, hurry up and join advanced excel training before you miss out on great job opportunities!

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