5 Best ways to learn SPSS Today 2022
Career Employment Kenya: 5 Best ways to learn SPSS Today 2022
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As a beginner of SPSS, I could accomplish most basic data analysis through menus and dialog boxes without having to actually learn the SPSS language since SPSS software is built around the SPSS programming language.

The menus and dialog boxes were useful because they gave me visual reminders of most options with each step of my analysis.

However, I could not complete some tasks from the menus, while others were more quickly carried out by typing a few keywords than by working through a long series of menus and dialogs.

With time, I realized it will be strategic to learn a bit of both SPSS programming and the menus. I wanted to learn how to work directly in the programming language, because this is how you document your work, and good documentation is key to both trouble-shooting and replicating complicated projects.

Here are 5 tips I learned on the best ways to learn SPSS easily.

1. Read the SPSS Book

Reading is one of the most common ways to access information. Read softcopy materials on the internet or books that explain theory for you to learn new information and sharpen your skills.

Just look for something with a high reader rating. It does not have to be very recent, I’d say any book back to about 2005 is going to be alright. SPSS releases a new version every year, however, the updates tend to be new advanced features that can be helpful.

Read many SPSS blogs to learn about tips and methods for navigating the current edition.

2. Join an SPSS Community

 SPSS Statistics users can be found all around the world. Joining a virtual community is a wonderful approach to acquiring guidance and advice from individuals who are already knowledgeable.

3. Watch a Tutorials

Make YouTube your friend, where you will find lots of tutorials, aimed at everyone from beginners to experts.

Consider starting with basic SPSS tutorials and then moving to advanced ones.

Video tutorials available online show how to create, and modify graphs and charts in SPSS and how to perform coding using the software.

4. Take SPSS Training Course

Signing up for SPSS Course helps you to acquire practical skills that you can apply in a professional setting and establish professional networks for you to take your career to the next level.

SPSS skill is among the in-demand skills and mastering data analysis will give you an advantage over other candidates.

5. Practice

Practicing several data sets it helped me build my skills and confidence in SPSS. I used the SPSS exercises test to get me going and then move on to more advanced problems.


The SPSS software is built around the SPSS programming language. Acquiring SPSS skills helped me to move up my career ladder, and to understand how to interpret the output of different statistical tests, draw accurate conclusions from my research and make decisions.

Want to learn SPSS and take your career to the next level?

Enroll in this SPSS Training Course today that will do the trick!

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