5 Essentials To Bring To Your Job Interview Kenya 2021
Career Employment Kenya: 5 Essentials To Bring To Your Job Interview Kenya 2021
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When embarking on a job interview, a lot of questions may go through your mind: What do I bring to an interview? How do I dress? What do I say? Will the interview go well?

It is a nerve-racking process and the best way to ease things is to always be prepared! There is nothing worse than arriving at the interview and realizing you forgot something essential.

So, here is a compilation of 5 things you must bring with you in any interview;

Copies of your CV

You should always arrive at an interview with several printed copies of your CV.  Even if you already sent your CV to the employer, your interviewer may not have had time to print it out. Plus, it helps to have an extra copy you can glance over in the lobby before your interview, to refresh your memory in preparation for a question like, “Tell me about yourself.”

A pen and notebook

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to bring a pen and notebook with you to an interview. Perhaps you ask your interviewer for their business card, but they don’t have it on them; a pen and paper will allow you to jot down their email address so you can send a thank-you message to them later.

Or, you meet with HR and learn a lot of important details about the role’s benefits that you want to write down. A phone call could work but this is more professional and less distracting.

Directions and contact information

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in an interview is showing up late.

To avoid this, be sure to map out your route to the location well in advance, and budget extra time to get there in case you get delayed.

In addition, have the employer’s contact information written down. If you’re late, immediately email or call them. While being late can hurt your chances at landing the job, how you handle the mistake can matter even more.

Portfolio of sample work

If you’re applying for any kind of creative work, such as copywriting or commercial design, your portfolio is a critical item to bring to a job interview. For creative roles, you’re likely to need a portfolio of your past work to show the interviewer. Your past accomplishments nearly always speak louder than your carefully measured words, and nothing beats bringing samples of your past work to a job interview. If you have a physical portfolio, bring it with you. If not, have a link ready so that an interviewer can review your work during the meeting.

A list of questions

Most job interviews end with a brief section where you can ask questions about the company and the work culture. It’s considered a good sign for a candidate to be interested in a company, and it’s an even better sign if you’ve done research and thought of intelligent questions on your own. Don’t hesitate writing down these questions down to bring to a job interview. Doing so shows foresight and planning.


Well, there you have it, a list of essential things to bring to an interview, it may not be everything so whatever you think may be necessary for your interview, carry it!

The bottom line is to always be prepared and have a positive attitude throughout the process.

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