Career Advice – 5 Sure Signs That You Are Taking Your Job Too Serious
Job Hunting Tips: 5 Sure Signs That You Are Taking Your Job Too Serious

By Lilian Wamaitha

Are you what people call a workaholic? Are you the first one in the office and always the last one to leave? While most people take this to mean that you are invested in your career, it is never like that.

Yes, you have been taught to work hard and prove yourself no matter what but work life balance is very important. The job market is uncertain and as such it is tempting to do everything you can to hold on to that job.

There is also a downside to working too hard. Some of the disadvantages may include health problems and many other things.

So how exactly do you tell that you are taking your job too seriously and neglecting everything else?

1. Nobody wants to work with you

We live in a society that prides itself at being busy, so having colleagues call you the hardest worker is like being given the badge of honor and not really a bad thing.

However if you notice that no one in the officer wants to work with you to be in the same team with you because you are the one who is always working all the time, you should take a step back and reevaluate what you are doing.

Whether that means changing your entire schedule or just paying attention to how others organize their time, go ahead and do it.

2. You have lost sight of what truly matters

Work is important as it offers financial security but there is more to life than that job. If you can no longer understand why you are working so hard, then it reason enough that you have taken your job took serious.

When you were starting your job, I am sure you had aspiration of where you wanted to be in maybe 5 or ten years’ time. If you are no longer working towards that but for other people to perceive you as hard working, you have lost sight of what is important,

Take a break and reevaluate your goals and the kid of career you are hoping to have.

3. You are always working late

Working late is a positive thing because it shows that you are invested in your job. It also gives you an opportunity to finish all that work that has been piling up on you. However, the downside to this is that you do not have much of a life outside the office.

You need to ensure that working late does not become a daily habit. Once in a while, strive to get home early so that you can get enough time to socialize and reboot if you want to continue being productive.

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4. You are always exhausted

Do you wake up every morning feeling like you spent the night working at a construction site? You are working too hard. Your body needs time to recharge and heal from the day’s stress. If you do not get enough rest, you will constantly feel fatigued and you are likely to become grumpy.

Ensure that you give yourself breaks from working in order to ensure that your body gets the rest it deserves.

5. You do not have a social life

Are you the kind of person who always passes up on opportunities to spend time with friends and family? This is a clear indication that you are letting your job take over your life. Socializing is a good way to network and take a break into the ‘real’ world.

Set aside some time at least once every week to spend with friends and family. You will find that you will be fresher and your creativity will be increased.

Your work is supposed to enable you enjoy your life, not keep you away from it.

Lilian is a Communication Officer at Career Point Kenya and has a passion of improving other people’s lives through everyday inspiration. Leave a comment below if you agree with this article.

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