Career Advice – 5 Things You Should Do To Always Start Everyday In A Good Mood
Job Hunting Tips: 5 Things You Should Do To Always Start Everyday In A Good Mood

Do you sometimes find yourself tired, frustrated and moody at the office? Are you always snapping at your colleagues? Chances are that it is your behavior that is causing this.

According to Sara Eckel, a career advisor at Forbes, having a positive attitude, even striving for cheerful, in the workplace isn’t always easy.

So how do you ensure that your mood is right for the work place?

1. Get to bed early

Sleeping early is key to having the right frame of mind at work. If you are that type of a person who gets home and decides to catch up on a series that you have been longing for, it is time to stop. Having at least six hours of sleep is essential to both your health and your frame of mind.

Save that series for the weekend or for when you are on leave, it will come in handy. Lack of sleep is the number one cause of grumpiness.

2. Ensure that you have regular meals

It is okay to be busy at work. However, do not work so hard that you forget to eat. Hunger tends to make people irritable.

Try as much as possible to give yourself breaks to eat and recharge. This is the only way you can get the strength to continue being productive at your job as your brain will function better. If you cannot find time to eat substantive meals, make sure you take a snack.

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3. Greet your colleagues when you get to the office

I see the surprised look on your face. Are you the type of person who never bothers to say hello? Try greeting a colleague at work and see how good it feels. It is part of human nature to want to belong.

Be a good team player and say hello every chance you get. Apart from making you feel good, it will help you create a bond with your colleagues.

4. Leave early for work

Leaving the house early will help you to beat traffic. Sitting in that jam for a long time is also a recipe for grumpiness. Try as much as possible to leave early to avoid this.

Apart from the traffic, getting to work late is always frustrating and a bit embarrassing. The earlier you get to work, the less time you spend in traffic, the sooner you get your work done and you get to leave early.

Try these few tips in the coming week and notice how your mood at work will change. It it works for you, share with a friend and empower them.

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