6 Professional Advantages Of A Project Management Certification Kenya 2021
Career Employment Kenya: 6 Professional Advantages Of A Project Management Certification Kenya 2021
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Multiple research and surveys have shown that certified PMI project managers handle a lot of high performing projects. Also, companies that have a lot of certified project managers have a high rate of project success than those who don’t.

Sounds valid? If yes, the next important question is, what are the professional advantages of getting a project management certification? Let us dive in;

Adds value to your CV

There are several professional certifications that you can pursue throughout your career. But, among all of those, PMI certification is the most valuable certificate programme. Interviewers looking to fill in a position of a project manager understand this. Hence, they tend to prioritize profiles with project management certification over those which do not have such certification.

Project management jobs are high in demand. So, in most cases, several people apply for these jobs. It is time and resource consuming for the company to interview and assess the potential of all the applicants. As such, they like to filter out as many people as possible before the project management interview process. This is where the PMI certification proves beneficial as it is one of the most objective ways in which one can shortlist the candidates.

You will be recognized as an experienced professional

PMI certification is a universally recognized symbol of excellence in the field. This type of certification is global in nature, meaning the skills required can translate across all industries and projects. The certification also adds to your value in the market.

Learn important skills

Want to keep growing in your career? Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

You cannot do it without becoming better at what you are doing currently. A project management certification builds the knowledge of fundamental project management processes tools & techniques and methodologies. Further, it exposes you to best practices and current trends in project management. You can also learn new tricks and techniques in project management activities.

Attracts a better income

Having a PMI certification earns you a higher salary than the non-certified ones. PMI certified professionals demand more salary in the market due to their internationally accredited certifications. According to some surveys, certified professionals earn 20% more than non-certified project managers.

Networking opportunities

The more people in your networking list the more will be the chances to land a better job in your field. You can also meet mentors who will help you navigate the industry.

Efficiently handle projects

The PMI certifications make you efficiently and effectively execute your projects. It will enable you to bring more and more improvement in your project management experiences.


In summary, some people might view the certification as expensive, time-consuming and difficult. But, many employers treat project management certifications as an important credential that adds credibility to your resume. Further, it helps you build essential skills required to excel in your career.

So yes! Project management certification is worth the effort.

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