Best Paying Government Institutions to Work for in Kenya – Best paying government Jobs in kenya

Working for the Kenyan Government is the best thing to happen to any Kenyan because of job security,access to loans and good salaries.

The Salaries and Renumeration Commission was constituted to harmonize  salaries for Government workers.However,the institution has not fully harmonized salaries for all the government departments,which makes some Parastatals pay more than others.

Following research we have conducted over the pay in various Kenyan Government Institutions,we have listed the results below.

• NSIS (National Security and Intelligent Service)
• Central Bank of Kenya
• Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
• Kenya Airports Authority
• Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
• Nairobi Securities Exchange
• Communication Authority of Kenya
• Capital Markets Authority

  • Kenya Airways
  • State House
  • Parliamentary Service Commission
  • Kenya Airways
  • Kenya Ports Authority
  • Kenya Films and Classification Board

Many expected  Kenya Revenue Authority to be in the list; it used to pay well but their salaries were reduced significantly by the Salaries and Renumeration Commission.Nowadays, the entry level salary is Sh 25k down from Sh 68K

A good number of the institutions we have listed above pay fresh graduates a starting salary of at least 80k.Some,including KENGEN,NIS and EACC pay starting salary of up to Ksh 180,000.This is way above the private sector which often pay junior employees pea nuts as they leave senior managers collecting salaries amounting to millions.