Career Advice – Discover 4 Common Career Regrets Most Professionals Have
Job Hunting Tips: Discover 4 Common Career Regrets Most Professionals Have

By Kibet Tobias

Nobody is perfect. In your career, sometimes you may find yourself making decisions that may not always end up being as good as expected that you wish you could change it.

In this article see the five career regrets that most professionals have;

1. Listening to other people about what to study

When it comes to choosing your career, you need to select a course that is in line with your passions and interests.

Unfortunately, there are many professionals today who blame their parents, relatives or friends for convincing them to pursue certain courses for reasons best known to them. I have seen many students quit studying in university for selecting the wrong courses while others will change then all together.

You should not do something you are not comfortable with because it will waste your time and resources.

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2. Taking a Job for the Money

We all work to earn money and there is nothing wrong about that. The problem comes when you let money to be your only motivation.

Imagine you get a good job that pays really well but is not in line with what you want to do. The truth is most of us will take that job but in the end it will end up getting too routine and boring for the mere reason that it was not what you wanted.

A lot of professionals today confess that they would take a position with a lower pay if they got an opportunity to leave their jobs for something they love and is flexible.

I know you don’t want to regret your choices later in life which is why you need to pick your priorities wisely. You should not allow money to be the greatest motivation in your career.

3. Not making your family a higher priority

You obviously want to succeed and in your career, you will meet a lot of people who become an integral part of you.

However, the mistake that most people make is sacrificing their family for career success. Your family should always remain a number one priority.

Your loved ones are more valuable than friends because no matter where you are and what you do, your family will always be there for you.

4. Not having the confidence to start your own business

When we are done with school, getting a job is our number one priority. You want to start making money to either grow your career or save up enough to start a business. Whatever it is, the choice is yours.

Unfortunately, not many people end up taking that risk to start a business. It’s very comfortable when you have a salary at the end of the moth which would explain why you would not be into all the risks that self-employment comes with.

However, don’t make it a routine. Don’t stick to that job because of the fear of the unknown. If you have always wanted to start a business, do it today when you have the time. It will be worth so much more than that career you are working so hard to build.

In conclusion,

We have to agree that regrets are painful and frustrating. You may have experienced one at some point, so you don’t want to go through it again. To avoid regrets, start making career choices that match your passions, dreams and long-term goals.

Tobias is a writer/Digital Marketer at Career Point Kenya. Email

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