Do These 6 Things Today To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills Kenya 2021
Career Employment Kenya: Do These 6 Things Today To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills Kenya 2021
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We all want to be good speakers, be it communicating in work meetings, making presentations, or even chatting with friends.

We want to deliver our thoughts to listeners such that it resonates with them as you intended. To communicate effectively, you need good public speaking skills.

So, what steps can you take today to better your speech delivery?

Here are six pointers to help you say what you mean in a way it will land on your audience as you intended.

How To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

1. Be confident

You have to start being brave if you want to better your public speaking skills. Every time someone is needed to speak on behalf of others, volunteer.

Have you ever listened to a speaker who seemed nervous? How did that make you, a listener, feel?

You must have felt bored or uninspired by their speech. When you deliver a speech without confidence, you will create an impression that you are not sure of what you are saying.

An audience needs speakers who are sure of what they are saying to believe what they are saying.

The more you practice, the more you will gain experience, and experience breeds confidence. Confidence will consequently help you deliver your speech impressively.

2. Stop being afraid to watch or listen to your previous speeches

Get over the cringe of watching yourself speak of listening to yourself. We all do not like to watch our speech, because, as it is, we are our own biggest critiques.

When you listen to your speech, all you will be doing is criticize why your voice sounds the way it does or did what you did.

I get it, listening to yourself talk is uncomfortable. But give it a chance and go back to the recorded public speeches.

You do not have to watch or listen to the whole recording. Pick a part of the recording and analyze both of your verbal and no-verbal cues.

Are you moving your hands unnecessarily? Is your voice consistent? Do not just focus on the negatives but prioritize what you did right.

The purpose of this exercise is to understand yourself better and improve the parts of your speech skills that are lacking.

3. Be critical

It is in human nature to criticize. Although criticism comes off as a negative attribute, I want you to channel it to a positive outcome.

Pick a ted talk or any other recorded speech delivery done by someone else on a site like YouTube. Watch it as a speech critique.

So, what you do is take notes of all the positives and the negatives of that talk. What did you find impressive about it, and what do you think could have been better?

When you do this exercise, you learn new public speaking skills that will help you improve your own.

4. Ask for feedback

After doing a public speech, ask for feedback from people you trust will give you constructive criticism. Ask what they thought about your talk and the parts of it they think you should work on improving.

Feedback will help you view your speaking skills from a different point of view to make them better.

5. Make your speech personal.

Good public speaking skills are not only about making the right moves but the context of your speech as well.

An audience loves a public speaker they can relate to on a specific level. You, therefore, have to make your talks personal so that they can feel a part of what you are saying.

From the information you are giving, what personal experiences relating to it can you include?

Get raw and personalize your speech; that is how your public speaking expertise will be top-notch.

6. Get a speech coach

Lastly, the most effective way to improve your speaking skills is to sign up for a public speaking class. Getting an expert to coach you will give you professional-level skills.

Don’t you want to be the best speaker? Join one today!

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