Group Human Resources Manager Career Recruitment in Kenya Nov 2015

Job vacancy: Group Human Resources Manager Kenya 2015

Job Description:

Job title: Group Human Resources Manager
Reporting to: Executive Director- Shared Services
Number of direct reports: 2 Human Resources Manager
Overall purpose  of the job:
  • To develop the human resources strategy aligned to Clients Groups corporate strategy, goals and targets.
  • To direct, plan, organise and manage the Human Resources function and activities, in order to effectively lead, advise, manage and guide; management, stakeholders and employees on people issues. 
  • In addition develop and coordinate policy management and cascading of procedures that are reflective of the needs of the business, whilst meeting the Group’s, industry and statutory requirements.
  • Have complete oversight of functional operations ensuring adequate support is being provided to achieve strategic targets.
  • Lead the function in harnessing a team spirit that is co-­‐operative, focused and dynamic, nurturing a culture of oneness that encourages cross-­‐functional support.
  • Be supportive of functional development needs either through management of resources and training.
  • Develop a culture that is sustained in meeting individual employee and overall Group goals.
  •  Develop and implement policies and procedures to support the achievement of the  overall  corporate  goals,  taking  full  responsibility  for  management  and delivery of the same
  • Take  the  lead  in  adopting  new  standards  to  support  in  planning  and  the continuous   improvement  of   functional   operations,   in   order   to   improve efficiencies.
  • Ensure  the  functions  management,  and  service  level  towards  Client  Group,  are at an optimal levels, through effective operations in all aspects of:
  1. Employee transactions,
  2. Compliance with collective bargaining agreements,
  3. Legislation,
  4. Policies, procedures and regulations,
  5. Coordinating activities and systems so as to promote best practices.
  • Be ultimately responsible for providing the Client Group with full relationship support concerning people issues such as conflict resolution, performance management, collective bargaining agreement interpretation and implementation, effectively diagnosing people issues, recommending solutions and ensuring successful implementation of agreed recommendations.
  • Direct  and  support  the  Group  in  developing  strategies  related  to  talent management,    learning    and    development,    performance    management, succession planning and retention.
  • Maintain  day-­‐to-­‐day  financial  control  within  agreed  budgets,  ensure  finances are correctly administered and monitored across the function.
  • Ensure services within the human resources are adequately managed, staffed and resourced with appropriate development and succession plans, so as to ensure continuous service provision.
  • Create and promote a supportive team culture within the function and Group as a whole, one that proactively searches for realistic solutions to challenges, understanding there is no situation extraordinary enough to excuse lack of courtesy and respect towards anyone, whilst fostering a culture of interdependence amongst teams verses the need to work in isolation.
  • Build  external  relationships  with  service  providers,  statutory  bodies,  and communities in order to support the management, growth and development of the human resources function and its overall impact on Client Group and its operations.
  • Support the Chief Executive Officer in the interpreting the Group’s desires on how to manage the people agenda in to realistic and measurable strategies.
  • Be ultimately responsible in ensuring adequate support is provided to Client Group companies through the provision of services which include:
  1. Recruitment – fulfilling recruitment needs within realistic timeframes and with quality staff
  2. Performance management -­‐   oversee the performance management process ensuring realistic and meaningful actions are taken towards over and under achievers
  3. Training and development – identifying and meeting training needs for the betterment of staff performance and output
  4. Talent management – establishing and managing the talent pool so as to ensure its long-­‐term positive impact upon the organisation
  5. Staff retention and productivity – monitor retention and productivity levels, ensuring action is taking in view of any obvious areas of concern
  6. Operations  –  oversee  functional  human  resources  operations  so  as  to always be providing a service that is positively effective in meeting the Group and its peoples needs
  7. Employee relations – ensure the relationship between the Client Group and its people is always at the forefront of whatever decisions, actions and solutions are drawn up, making effort to engage with the staff on all levels in order to promote a sense of oneness.
  8. Occupational safety and health – ensure the full implementation of healthy and safety policies and practices, reflective of the organisation’s needs, which in turn meet statutory and legal requirements
  9. Union management – develop positive relationships with the Unions as an effort to manage the collective bargaining agreement process in a manner that is beneficial to both staff and the organisation as a whole
Key contacts and relationships:
  • Board of Directors
  • Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Senior Executives
  • Management
  • Human Resources team
  • All employees
  • Service providers
  • Union representatives
  • Labour office representatives
  • Customers
  • Education Institute officials
Qualifications and Experience:
  • Must be a gradute.
  • Masters in relevant field is an added advantage
  • Professional people management qualification
  • 5 years of experience in people management, a minimum three of which should be at Senior Management level
  • Strong Industrial relation experience
  • Must Have regional experience
  • Conversant with the Labour laws within the region.
  • Experienced in the implementation and management of HR software systems
  • Working knowledge of multiple human resource disciplines including:
  1. Compensation practices
  2. Organisational diagnosis
  3. Employee and union relations
  4. Diversity
  5. Performance management
  6. Legal and statutory employment laws
Knowledge and skills:  
  • Proven generalist experience including the ability to work at both strategic and operational levels
  • Fully conversant and up-­‐to-­‐date with all aspects of employment law and HR best practice
  • Experience in the development and implementation of employment policies and procedures
  • Ability to work autonomously and flexibly, excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent influencing, persuading, coaching and negotiating skills
  • Ability to prepare and present reports to Director level
  • Excellent planning and organisation skills with ability to manage deadlines
  • Proficient in the use of MS Office applications including Excel and Outlook with good working knowledge of HR systems
  • Consulting mindset with excellent attention to detail and organisation skills
  • Be individually pro-­‐active and self-­‐motivated, in addition to co-­‐operative and a supportive team player
  • Ability to create HR communications appropriate for the audience
  • Demonstrable interpersonal sensitivity
  • Analytical and creative problem solving skills Self motivated to learn and adopt new concepts and willingly participate in new projects.
  • Vigilant and of sound judgement, honest and high levels of integrity
  • Budgeting skills
 How to Apply
CVs to be sent to by latest 5th Dec 2015.