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High School Teacher Tech Integrator Job ISK Kenya 2020

High School Teacher Tech Integrator Job ISK Kenya 2020
Career Employment Kenya: High School Teacher Tech Integrator Job ISK Kenya 2020
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High School Teacher Tech Integrator Job ISK

High School Teacher Tech Integrator Job, Teaching Jobs In Kenya October 2020,

Position: High School Teacher Tech Integrator

Reports To: High School Principal in collaboration with the Director of Teaching and Learning and Director of Technology

Job Description

The predominant definition of technology revolves around the use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets and phones. At ISK, the definition of technology is broadened to include any tools that are used to complete a project or task. With this new interpretation in mind, ISK has worked to incorporate both digital and non-digital tools within the curriculum and to include Makerspaces and Design Labs. The primary goal is to provide opportunities for all learners within the community, through use of the design process to iterate and create with both digital design and product design tools.

The High School Tech Integrator will facilitate instructional technology practices of learners that will enable them to pursue their own inquiries as well as communicate ideas and concepts. The following are six key responsibilities that comprise the role of the Tech Integrator.

The High School Tech Integrator will also support and provide some leadership to a variety of K-12 technology initiatives. This work will happen in coordination with the director of technology and the internal technology team. Additionally, this position will provide guidance and input in the area of STEM program design, development and implementation, including building cross-departmental teamwork.


  • Lead the development of a shared vision for technology integration in collaboration with the Technology Committee and the Director of Technology.
  • Participate in the long term planning of technology integration. Analyse data and present results as a foundation for goal-setting and future program proposals.
  • Work with colleagues and administration to implement strategies for initiating and sustaining technology innovations and manage the change process throughout the school.
  • Model lifelong learning and professional growth as a leader and expert in the field of technology.
  • Bring ISK forward as a leading educational institution through technology integration.
  • Design projects, problems and opportunities to develop identified 21st century literacies and skills.
  • Develop and maintain a Technology Scope and Sequence for the high school that outlines a balanced and scaffolded series of skills and competencies (see  ISK ICT standards).
  • Support experiential, integrated and personalized learning through the use of technology.
  • Document and record technology integration into unit plans.
  • Design, create, support and maintain (tools and resources) in a technology-rich learning environment.
  •  Improve equity in learning environments and empower students through technology integration.


  • Teacher certification from an accredited university/college
  • Minimum 2 years relevant teaching experience in technology and instructional coaching
  • Cultural proficiency and understanding of intercultural learning with teaching experience in a multicultural setting
  • Expert in educational technology, including Google Suite, and experience integrating technology
  • Experience with implementing the design cycle within makerspace and design lab learning
  •  Fluent English speaker with excellent writing and communication skills
  • Solid understanding of pedagogy and instructional approaches, curriculum design and assessment
  •  Qualified or experience teaching high school STEM courses
  • Experience with Online/Virtual/Distance teaching and learning
  • Commitment to integrated, experiential, and personalized approaches to instruction
  • Teaching experience in a multicultural setting
  • Minimum 2 years teaching experience in specific IB subject area: IB DP Design Technology
  • Experience with the Understanding by Design curriculum model
  • Experience with inquiry-based and project-based learning
  • Experience in data analysis and goal setting to improve learning

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