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Career Employment Kenya: Hotline Manager Job. Edge Performance Kenya 2019
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TICAH is a feminist organization that works to promote health, equitable relationships, and community action. It seeks to enhance the positive links between health and cultural knowledge, practices, beliefs and artistic expression. We believe that culture shapes health, that beauty is powerful, that expression is activism and that stories have something to teach.

Our work includes training and research in people’s rights to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health, publication and documentation to stimulate attention to grassroots solutions, advocacy on sexual and reproductive health and creative projects to raise our communal voices to affect national policy and programs. With a team of 17, TICAH’s work has impacted over 120,000 people and with our MAMA Network program we have collaborated with ten grassroots organizations across seven African countries and are looking to expand to five more in the next two years.

TICAH’s sexuality program “Our Bodies, Our Choices” has produced informative and provocative sexuality curriculums and facilitation guides for all ages. We facilitate peer discussions reaching communities that include in-school and out-of-school girls and boys, people living with HIV, sex workers and women with disabilities.

We run a toll free hotline that provides safe, reliable and confidential information on sexual reproductive health and connects women and girls to much needed SRHR services through our network of service providers. Aunty Jane hotline has been in operation since 2012 and continues to serve women and girls SRHR needs across Kenya.

About the role  

As the Hotline Program Coordinator, you will oversee the day-to-day operations of the hotline ensuring all incoming calls are handled effectively and in alignment to our guidelines.

You will be expected to contribute to the growth of the Aunt Jane Hotline through bringing in fresh new ideas and driving their execution with a team of 2 equally passionate and committed team members whom you will lead and coach.

In addition you will play a key role in implementing diverse ongoing and future SRHR advocacy interventions and ensuring continued trusted collaboration with our various partners.


Manage Aunty Jane hotline – 50%

  • Provide strategic direction to ensure effective running of the hotline and increase women and girls access.
  • Support training and mentorship of hotline staff from partner organizations across sub-Saharan countries.
  • Support hotline team to develop and disseminate high impact social media advocacy toolkits including weekly twitter chats and Facebook engagement
  • Spearhead development of Hotline marketing strategy  with the aim of increasing calls
  • Manage AJH website including content creation.
  • Identify, develop and build relevant partners to ensure that our reach keeps growing
  • Manage relationship with hotline and website technical companies to ensure effective running of the platforms
  • Contribute to proposal development, donor reporting and budget management as required for AJH
  • In close collaboration with our MnE manager, contribute to monitoring,evaluation and learning activities; building tools, data collection, analysis, reporting and strategic recommendations

Execute TICAH’s advocacy interventions – 30%

  • Oversee development and implementation of selected advocacy projects aimed at increasing women and girls access to SRHR.
  • Represent TICAH at various advocacy spaces (National, Regional and International) to continue driving our SRHR agenda and ensure implementation of agreed roles of TICAH
  • Create digital media and communication advocacy initiatives conducted by TICAH and consolidated with partners
  • Oversee relevant donor relations including donor visits and communication.
  • Contribute to proposal development, donor reporting and budget management as required for SRHR advocacy projects
  • In close collaboration with our MnE manager, contribute to monitoring,evaluation and learning activities; building tools, data collection, analysis, reporting and strategic recommendations

Team management  – 20% 

  • Mentor and coach 2 hotline staff
  • Support team in reaching intended goals inline with the organization’s larger goal
  • Support AJH hotline team to develop and implement strategic individual and group work plans.
  • Performance management (assign roles, set and review goals)


  • You have a strong passion for sexual and reproductive health rights and believe that women are free to make their own choices in SRHR.
  • You  have an open-mind and curiosity in matters of reproductive health
  • Ability to quickly identify patterns, draw insights and make meaningful conclusions
  • Past experience offering counselling services in diverse and demanding set ups is highly preferred
  • You value self care and are conscious to build a life that enables you to balance work and personal life effectively
  • You have at least 5 years of total work experience and have  managed a project team for at least one year
  • 5 years’ of total work experience in the field of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and have managed a project team for at least one year
  • Proven ability to drive results in collaboration with others.
  • You are  a natural relationship builder with the ability to spot collaboration opportunities and align them with organization strategy
  • Ability to juggle many tasks effectively and efficiently to achieve desired goals
  • Budget management and proposal development are preferred skills. However recommended that one is interested in growing in this area.
  • You have good skills in participatory methods and facilitation.
  •  Excellent written & oral communication skills
  • Basic MnE understanding; ability to design and implement various data collection tools, analyze data and make recommendations
  • Undergraduate degree in Sociology, Psychology, Social work, Community development or any other relevant development degree.

You have the right fit with our culture if

  • You are genuinely interested and comfortable  conversing on diverse ideas and opinions
  • You continuously challenge your own assumptions and beliefs
  •  You love or are interested in exploring the African indigenous culture
  •  You don’t judge people for their life choices but genuinely want to support them!
  • You think out of the box, and work hard to see your crazy ideas come to life
  • You are humble and comfortable in varying social and professional settings, alternating between interacting with grassroots community members, and high-level stakeholders

Why work with us

  • You will be part of growing our impact with a vast exciting network and pool of partnerships that we have built over the past 14 years
  • Exposure to participate and contribute across all our programs
  • An opportunity to dream of all possible solutions and make them come true
  • We are a committed team and we treat each other like family
  • Our team works hard and also realizes the importance of having fun in and out of work
  • We walk our talk. We are brave and bold in everything we do
  • We are an egalitarian organization – if equality and fair access to opportunity excites you, join us!

How To Apply

First, please have a look at this guide on how to submit your application and tips on our selection process:

Fill out the application form under:

You will be asked to upload your CV at the end of the application form. Please ensure it is in PDF format, tailored to this role and no more than 3 pages.

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