Career Advice – How To Compare A Great Job Offer With Your Current Job That You Actually Like
Job Hunting Tips: How To Compare A Great Job Offer With Your Current Job That You Actually Like

By Lilian Wamaitha

Whether you are browsing casually for jobs while watching TV or stalking your friend’s new employer, job hunt has become more like a reflex even when you are happy where you are.

While at times these “explorations” are just that sometimes they can yield an offer that catches you off guard.

And then at this point what you are left with is a difficult predicament deciding between a great job offer and your current one which you actually like.

What do you do? First recognize that the power is in your hands. You have two amazing offers and it’s your choice.

Once you realized that, use these tips to reach the best decision;

1. Salary and benefits

Money is not the only career motivator but at the end of the day you need to be honest with yourself about the kind of lifestyle that you want to live.

Is what you are getting at your current job enough to sustain that lifestyle or do you need to move?

I mean, be honest; what would you do if someone reaches out to you and is willing to offer you more than what you are currently getting even if it’s just by a few thousands? You obviously will want to move and take on that offer.

But one mistake that a lot of us make is fall into leaving a great job for just a marginal improvement in salary. If you are moving because of salary, be sure that it is accompanied by other benefits and you are sure that you will not be getting a salary increase anytime soon at your current role.

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2. Learning and development

Most people who leave jobs don’t do it because they hate what they do or want more money, rather because they bored.

When everyday feels like ‘déjà vu’ and you have actually stopped learning anything, it’s may be time to consider a change. For most, this will mean looking for a job but you can just find ways of making your job interesting if you talk to the right people within your organization.

If that is not possible where you are, you may consider accepting that other offer if the prospects of growth are there.

3. Room for career advancement

Does your current organization offer room for advancement?

If you still cannot make a decision, look at the company that is more likely to guarantee career growth. You don’t want to be the person that ends up getting stuck in their careers.

Think about your career ambition and question if the job will fulfill this at all. In career growth also put into consideration job satisfaction and security which are very vital in career advancement.

For you to make an informed decision, it is important that you lay down the pros and cons of the jobs and evaluate which one meets your needs.

4. Purpose and culture fit

In order to be at your best, you need a job that you are actually connected to and that you love and be a part of a culture where you feel comfortable.

I’ve come to realize that cultures and values though may not seem like much, are the things we treasure most. The company’s dress code, email etiquette, guest policies, or noise level may seem trivial, but can often be strong indicators of whether the company culture is right for you.

5. Work life balance

Your life outside work is every important if you are to develop as a professional. Take a holistic view of your goals and determine where you want your life to be.

What else is important to you? Is it health, fitness, relationships, and hobbies or just following your passion? Are you able to do that at your current job? If not it may be time to consider moving somewhere else.

In conclusion, at the end of it all, you want to be comfortable with a position that you love. If you are not getting that at your current job and there is someone else willing to offer it, you don’t owe anyone an explanation for moving. It’s your life and your choice to make.

Lilian is a Communications Officer at Career Point Kenya? If you have any career growth related concerns, email me at

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