How to Learn Advanced Excel Fast Kenya 2021
Career Employment Kenya: How to Learn Advanced Excel Fast Kenya 2021
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Advanced Excel is the program that many people fear due to its complexion. What makes it a complicated program is that it has many functions hidden under the surface.

It’s easy to see why people who have not used it before will be put off by such daunting software. However, learning how to use excel is worth it.

Here is how you can learn its functionalities fast

Fast Way to Learn Advanced Excel

Is learning how to use the excel software hard? It is not.

The key to learning Excel quickly is to break down the learning process into manageable components. It is impossible to learn Excel in one day or a week.

If you however set your mind to understand Advanced Excel’s processes individually, you will soon find that you have substantial knowledge of the software.

Make your way through these techniques, and it will not be long before you are acquainted with the foundations of Excel. From there, you are well on the way to complete your Advanced Excel training and become a true expert.

Let us break the software’s techniques for easier learning.

The Basics

  • Solving simple Mathematics problems- this is a great way to start you off with your excel lessons. Do simple math using the software to help you find your way around it.
  • Learn how to use the Autosum function- after you have gotten a bit comfortable with Advanced Excel, learn how to use its shortcuts. Learning autosum is a good start.
  • Teach yourself how to apply number formats-
  • Use the Advanced Excel software to create tables- Advanced excel has made creating tables easy and interesting. Learn how to use this function as it will come in handy while learning the next step.
  • Learn how to create a chart using the software – Next to the table creation function, you have the option to make intriguing charts.

Now that you have brought yourself up to speed with the basics of Excel, let us now delve deeper into the more complex functions of the software.

Advanced Techniques

  • Start using functions manually- As soon as you are comfortable with the basic arithmetic in Excel, it is wise to experiment with functions. There are a variety of different them to carry out various methods but begin with the simple ones.
  • Learn how to integrate condition formatting tools- Excel has become a powerful tool for creating dashboards as well as common spreadsheets. Building a dashboard in Excel can be very rewarding and challenging, depending on your needs. However, conditional formatting can add a dashboard environment element to a standard spreadsheet and is easy to implement.
  • Learn how to add a Trendline to your charts- you want your charts to look more presentable and informative. A trendline is one of the many components that you may need to bring together to achieve this task. It is a supplement that you create a chart as soon as you created it so you can create a test diagram or create an already created use.

Learning how to use the excel software functions help. You can try and teach yourself but it will take time before you fully understand all the functions.

Follow the steps I have laid for you above, but to be a pro in a short time, sign up for this Advanced Excel class immediately!

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