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Humanities Teacher Job ISK Kenya 2020

Humanities Teacher Job ISK Kenya 2020
Career Employment Kenya: Humanities Teacher Job ISK Kenya 2020
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Humanities Teacher Job ISK

Middle School Humanities Teacher Job, Latest Teaching Jobs In Kenya,

Position: Middle School Humanities Teacher

Reports To:  Middle School Principal

Job Description

The teacher’s primary responsibility is to provide a personalized learning experience that places students at the center of instruction. The teaching assignment is highly collaborative and requires teachers to apply knowledge, skills, and dispositions towards continual planning to update and revise Units of Study. The teaching assignment includes active engagement in implementing a Humanities approach that integrates Social Studies and English Language Arts along a conceptual framework applying principles of the Workshop Model for grades 6, 7, and 8. The teacher will be expected to participate in various collaborative teams and committees and fulfill supervision duties as assigned, including some evening and weekend events. Additionally, teachers will supervise/coach one co-curricular activity in the year.


  • Work as a collaborative member with colleagues in bringing the ISK Educational Aims to life
  • Promote a positive learning environment, including high standards for habits of learning
  • Maintain professional competence in instructional techniques and in specialized teaching through in-service education activities and self-selected professional growth activities
  • Integrate technology within lessons to enhance instructional delivery
  • Understand the school assessment philosophy and conduct ongoing assessment of student progress, using data obtained to adjust instructional content and techniques accordingly
  • Differentiate instruction to address preferred learning styles and needs
  • Support the philosophy of inclusion and the ongoing development of personalized, student-directed learning
  • Plan for the application of skills and concepts across disciplines and co-curricular activities
  • Communicate regularly with parents through email, telephone and parent/student/teacher conferences
  • Attend relevant departmental, divisional and K-12 professional meetings as necessary
  • Participate on faculty committees and curriculum development programs as required
  • Promote a positive learning environment
  • Teacher acts as an advisor to a small group of 10-12 students, delivering an SEL curriculum
  • Participate in and supervise a week-long intercultural trip
  • Sponsor a minimum of one extra-curricular student activity
  • Perform other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the principal


  • Bachelor’s Degree in relevant subject(s)
  • Recent, up-to-date training in relevant subject areas
  • Student-centered and nurturing personality
  • Commitment to collaborative planning
  • Teacher certification from an accredited university/college
  • Minimum 2 years relevant teaching experience
  • Proficiency with educational technology
  • Fluent English speaker with excellent writing and communication skills
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Cultural proficiency and understanding of intercultural learning
  • Master’s Degree 
  • Commitment to integrated, experiential, and personalized approaches to instruction
  • Teaching experience in a multicultural setting
  • Experience with the Understanding by Design curriculum model, as well as standards-based planning, assessment and grading
  • Experience with inquiry-based learning
  • Experience with Distance Learning Environment (e.g., Google Classroom, Zoom, etc) and electronic grade books
  • Experience in data analysis and goal setting to improve learning
  • Experience working in co-teaching models

How to apply

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