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Career Employment Kenya: ITPC Artists Collective Consultancy NGO Jobs Kenya Kenya 2021
Job Description: Today vacancy in Kenya

The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) is a global coalition of PLHIV and community activists working to achieve universal access to optimal HIV, HCV and TB treatment of those in need. Formed in 2003 by a group of 125 HIV activists from 65 countries at a meeting in Cape Town, ITPC actively advocates for treatment access in eight regions across the globe. ITPC believes that the fight for treatment remains one of the most significant global social justice issues.

The project Use of TRIPS Flexibilities to Increase Affordability of Treatment for HIV, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis C Virus in Middle-income Countries aims to address a critical gap in the global HIV response: access in some LMICs and in UMICs to newer, optimized antiretrovirals (ARVs) for preventing and treating HIV. Access to newer medicines that can cure tuberculosis (TB) and hepatitis C virus (HCV), two common, dangerous coinfections, among people living with HIV, is also necessary. **

The Make Medicines Affordable (MMA) campaign, led by ITPC, is commissioning a community-based artist collective in Mathare, Kenya (or similarly densely-populated area), to create artworks and performances which increase awareness of the barriers that prevent everyone from accessing the essential HIV, TB, hepatitis C and/or COVID-19 treatments that they need.

The objective of this project is to communicate that:

  • Essential medicines are overpriced due to unwarranted patents and monopolistic practices Monopolies result in people not having access to the most optimal medicines.
  • Everyone deserves access to optimal treatment and cost should not be a barrier.
  • All people have a right to access optimal HIV, Hepatitis C, TB and COVID-19 treatment, including vaccines. The Kenyan government has tools it can use to overcome patent barriers and should use them.

Consultant/Agency Scope of Work and Deliverables

ITPC is seeking established community-based artist collective to:

· Create 4-6 artistic products or events which may include but not be limited to artworks, (graffiti, painting, illustration, photography), spoken word performance, dance, music, film, poetry, or theatre performance.

o Artworks and performances will reflect the key issues and key messages to communicate, shared by the MMA campaign[1] and KELIN.

o It may reflect someone’s real life experience, e.g. difficulty in accessing treatment, and how their life improved once they did.

o Each artist can interpret the information in their own individual style.

· Perform a minimum of 2 live events At least 2 of the outputs will be performed or exhibited locally.

o Any performances and/or exhibitions will be performed in the local area.

· Produce film and photography products

o All artistic, performances and exhibitions will be filmed and/or photographed and the final files will be provided to MMA and KELIN.

  • Painting and art exhibitions must be photographed.
  • A live event, e.g. dance performance, spoken word, theatre must be filmed.
  • Additional photographs from the live events are welcomed.

o Final outputs will be shared on the MMA and KELIN websites, and social media accounts.

Outputs can be created in the local language(s). These will be translated to English, e.g. subtitles or supporting text.

Promotion The collective will promote events locally, through the most effective channels, including posters and social media.

Duration of Consultancy

· 4 May 2021 to 24 May 2021

Education & Experience Requirements

· An established community-based artist collective with artists covering a number of genres, for example: dance; spoken word; theatre, graffiti/street art; artwork; photography; videography. (Examples only, there may be other genres that the collective incorporates.)

· Previous experience producing artworks and performances, and can provide examples of high-quality work.

· The collective must include a photographer and videographer, or be able to commission one or two for the purpose of this work

· Must be based in Kenya, preferably Mathare, Kenya, or other similarly densely-populated area within Kenya.

· Interest in communicating on health and human rights.

· Available from 3 May 2021 until 24 May 2021.

· Able to work with MMA and KELIN on a risk-assessment to ensure the work and events are COVID-19-safe, and carried out according to best practice.

Compensation shall be provided in full at the end of the project for work completed, satisfactory to ITPC’s quality of service, with total amount of days to be covered not to exceed 40 days collectively. Payment will be made within 30 days upon delivery of the monthly invoice. An advance is possible for the purchase of materials and advance payments that are necessary to successfully carry out the work, not to exceed 30% of the total budget.**

How to Apply

Instructions to Tenderers

Tender proposal validity should be no less than 60 days counting from the closing date of receiving proposals indicated below.

Tenderers shall have the right to seek written clarifications on any aspect of the tender documents and receive responses from ITPC in good time before the deadline for submission of tenders, not less than 2 days prior to the deadline.

The starting date of this tender is 15 April 2021. Closing date for receiving proposals is 22 April 2021 23:59 SAST (if the deadline is extended, a new announcement with updated deadline will be posted by ITPC).

Questions should be sent by potential bidders before 20 April 2021 to the same email address as indicated below.

Expected proposal acceptance date is 27 April 2021, although this deadline can be extended by ITPC, if necessary.

Tender proposals shall be evaluated by ITPC and the outcome of the selection procedure shall be notified to tenderers by email.

How To Apply:

Send a Technical and Financial Proposal that should consist of at least the following documents:

(i) An introduction to your artist collective – a web link or short description (800 words maximum);

(ii) Examples of your collective’s previous work;

(iii) A list and description of 4-6 artistic outputs you are interested and capable of creating;

(iv) A list of the key-people, including CVs or short bios, of people who will be working on the project, for example, to include:

a. A project manager/s – who would have oversight of the work, ensuring everyone has the information and support they need, and that activities run on time

b. People responsible for promoting the live events, including getting leaflets and posters designed, promoting on social media, and any other means available to spread the word

c. Videographer(s) and photographer(s)

(v) Confirmation that all activities can be photographed and/or filmed

(vi) An overall budget which should include the compensation per person per day. It will also include any other costs, such as promotional costs, budget for materials and any other expenses. ITPC ask the successful artists collective to commit to a ‘fair pay policy’, which ensures all artists involved are paid fairly and equally, according to the amount of time they contribute

to with the subject line “Artist Collective  Application: Company Name” by 22 April 2021 23:59 SAST.

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