Kakenya Consultant Job ( MEL Framework Review & Operationalization) Kenya 2021
Career Employment Kenya: Kakenya Consultant Job ( MEL Framework Review & Operationalization) Kenya 2021
Job Description: Today vacancy in Kenya

1. Background

Kakenya’s Dream (KD) is a not for profit organisation which invests in girls from rural communities through education, health and leadership initiatives. Our programs operate in Transmara, one of the remotest and most marginalized regions of the Kenya, where nearly 80% of girls continue to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) at puberty, 50% are married before the age of 19, and only 17% complete a primary education. Girls’ education is not a priority for family or community investment, and social norms perpetuate low educational achievement. Investing in girls’ education yields profoundly positive outcomes not only for the girl, but for her family and community, as well.

Our interconnected programs provide educational opportunities for vulnerable girls and train youth on sexual and reproductive health and rights in marginalized communities.

a. Centers for Excellence: Our boarding schools, the Kakenya Centers for Excellence (KCE I and KCE II), serve 309 girls in grades 4-12 in a safe, supportive environment. The program takes a holistic approach to educating girls, incorporating health and leadership elements into the curriculum and providing for all physical and social-emotional needs.

b. Network for Excellence: We support the 139 girls who have graduated from our boarding schools as they continue on their educational journeys. The girls receive mentorship, tutoring, financial support, and a variety of essential resources to help them thrive in secondary and tertiary education. This year, 113 Kakenya’s Dream girls are attending colleges in Kenya and abroad and our first college graduates will be graduating therefore we need to begin thinking about what data points we collect post graduation as well.

c. Health and Leadership Training: In the communities we serve, sexual and reproductive health are not discussed openly. Young people do not know their rights and cannot advocate for themselves. Our training program reaches boys and girls in schools across the region to foster positive change. We have trained 14,000 youth over the past eight years.

2. Purpose of the assignment

To develop a comprehensive, sustainable, and achievable plan, framework, and tools to take our existing Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning (MEL) operations to the next level that is focused on qualitative and longer-term impact.

3. Key areas of responsibility and deliverables

a. To propose key impact and outcome indicators for each of the core KD programs as outlined in the strategic plan, and beneficiaries that go beyond quantitative KPIs and academic grades, and demonstrate qualitative and longitudinal impact. How do we evaluate the development of the girls holistically as opposed to just academically? What soft skills should/can we measure, etc.

b. Propose an overall organizational set-up to monitoring, evaluation and learning that will allow the organization to successfully collect and analyze the indicators you are proposing within the confines of resources and skill set. Any deficiencies or concerns that you see with the team being able to achieve your recommendations should be noted with suggestions on how to address these concerns.

c. Determine which KPIs should be compared against data from other organizations, governments, etc., and which source to compare against (i.e. how do we get the data?).

d. Develop user guidelines and tools for KD staff which will include efficient methods and tools for data collection and analysis of indicator that ensures data integrity; practical and sustainable management of MEL related processes, including clear schedules, responsibilities and interconnections.