Mitumba Lady Impresses Uhuru With Her Rise To Becoming Factory Owner 2022
Career Employment Kenya: Mitumba Lady Impresses Uhuru With Her Rise To Becoming Factory Owner 2022
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No one likes the idea of starting from the bottom. To have to start from zero, without anything to your name, the slow uphill climb seeming almost unbearable at times.

You might feel disadvantaged, just starting out in your pursuits or recovering from a setback, however, starting from the bottom offers its own unique set of advantages. Advantages that many of the most successful people attribute to being the main factors of their success.

This has been the story of Benter Mwalo, a humble second hand clothes seller whose hard work and resilience gained the recognition of the President.

She is a real life example of what it truly means to start from the bottom. She had a vision and a dream of being a factory owner and not only did it come into fruition but is also transforming lives and giving a lot of people employment.

President Uhuru Kenyatta would not hide his admiration for a Kisumu trader who rose from selling Mitumba to owning an exporting factory in Kisumu.

Speaking on Tuesday, August 2, the head of state recounted how he met the lady a few months ago when she was an ordinary trader in Kisumu.

Following his speech on the need to empower traders across the country, the lady bought into his idea. She diverted her savings to buy a sewing machine.

Through months of saving, she established Dada Export Processing Limited in Kisumu, a garment manufacturing factory,  which President Uhuru commissioned on Monday, August 1.

“Last night, I had the opportunity of going to open a factory here through CS Betty Maina as much as I was tired.  We went to a factory owned by a young Kenyan lady I met some years ago.

She was among a group of people I was trying to persuade them that, as a country, we should move from this business of Mitumba to manufacturing, and we did not castigate the business. many did not understand the point I was trying to drive, but this young lady did. Last night I had the opportunity to open a facility she has developed here in Kisumu,” Uhuru explained.

Revealing the transformation journey of Dada Export Processing Limited, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces divulged that the firm had employed 150 qualified professionals with a competitive salary and other benefits. Initially, the factory only had three employees.

 “She now has 150 employees permanent and pensionable; she targets to employ thousands by December. I have no problem with, hustling, but it should be a step towards something greater,” Uhuru explained amid applause from the crowd.

He projected that the factory, in conjunction with the Export Processing Zones (EPZ), would create more job opportunities for skilled youths in the vast Western region.

Uhuru spoke during the official inauguration of Kenya Shipyards Limited and witnessed the flotation of the new 1,800-tonne MV Uhuru II wagon ferry.

The Ksh2.3 billion MV Uhuru II is the first locally manufactured ship by Kenya Shipyards Limited working with Dutch partner Damen Shipyards.

Such flagship projects are being spearheaded by the President with an aim of positioning Kenya as a regional ship-building hub and unlock the country’s immense blue economy potential.

What we learn from Benter Mwalo’s started from the bottom story;

Your dreams are valid! They may seem far-fetched or unrealistic to others but as long as you have a clear vison and set goals, nothing or no one can stop you! Anything worth accomplishing is worth placing on a strong foundation. Think of starting at the bottom as the foundation for a bigger future. At the bottom, you’ll discover the value of focused energy, faith, action and trust in yourself and the people around you. 

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