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Performing Arts Coordinator Job ISK Kenya 2020

Performing Arts Coordinator Job ISK Kenya 2020
Career Employment Kenya: Performing Arts Coordinator Job ISK Kenya 2020
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Performing Arts Coordinator Job ISK

Performing Arts Coordinator Job, Latest Teaching Jobs In Kenya,

Position: Creative & Performing Arts Coordinator

Reports To: Designated Administrator (Relevant Divisional Principal for 2021-22)

Job Description

The Creative & Performing Arts Coordinator responsibilities include both leadership and management.  This position provides educational leadership for learning by demonstrating a deep understanding of and commitment to our approach to learning, teaching and leading.  In addition, in close collaboration with Operations, this person provides oversight for all facility issues specific to the arts centre, including supervision of the Arts Centre Supervisor and other staff. The person provides overall supervision for all functions in the Arts Centre.

The Creative and Performing Arts Coordinator earns the standard teacher salary plus an additional 15% times percentage of overall employment.  For example, if the coordinator is employed as a 60% teacher plus 40% coordinator, thus their employment is 100%, they would earn the full 15%). The additional 15% recognizes the level of leadership responsibilities associated with this position. This also includes up to 15 work days on campus beyond student contact days keeping in mind the percentage of overall employment.


Leading for Learning:

  • Support the implementation of the Aims-based curriculum model
  • Collaborate with colleagues to embed the ISK’s Mission, Vision and Educational Aims in respective programmes
  • Provide coherent and consistent learning experiences for students by facilitating:
  • Commonalities in the areas of content, skills, dispositions and expectations throughout and across grade levels, and
  • The use of authentic, meaningful assessment tools and that common assessments are utilized between sections of the same grade level
  • Improve student learning within your area of responsibility by leading the ongoing collection, analysis and use of information about student learning (both qualitative and quantitative) to identify next steps in learning, intervention strategies, curriculum adaptations, etc.
  • Provide support to the school in the implementation of school-wide goals

Managing for Learning:

  • Supervise the Arts Center Supervisor & Arts Centre Assistant
  • Manage all meetings and communications with CAD team and other colleagues including administrators to have the maximum impact on student learning
  • Represent the interests of the department and not any one individual’s agenda
  • Manage the budget, overtime, ordering, and inventory processes efficiently to ensure all resources have the optimum impact on student learning
  • Perform other duties as may reasonably be assigned by the designated administrator
  • Oversee facilities and TA staffing of the visual arts, music, and theatre programs
  • Organize both curricular and co-curricular CAD events ensuring alignment to ISK’s Mission and Vision
  • Foster a positive and collaborative relationship with the operations department
  • Provide guidance in advocating for staffing to support curriculum

Creative Arts Centre Facilities Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring the Arts Centre is a safe, efficient, and organized learning environment, including requiring regular contact with the ISK operations, maintenance, security, and health offices
  • Coordinating professional meetings with colleagues in the creative arts department to ensure that facility decisions are made in light of ongoing school-wide curricular needs
  • Overseeing the scheduling of all Arts Centre activities, involving oversight of a master calendar of all school-wide activities requiring the use of the facility
  • Monitoring the condition of the Arts Centre, its rooms, supplies and equipment, ensuring that Arts Centre items are properly inventoried and that clear policies exist for the use of all Arts Centre rooms and equipment
  • Submitting and overseeing an annual budget for the Arts Centre, including ensuring that a long-term replacement plan is in place for Arts Centre equipment
  • Supervising the Arts Centre Supervisor and staff allocated to the Arts Centre. Liaising with the Operations Manager to ensure effective collaboration in cleaning and maintenance
  • Liaising with the local community as well as ISK groups such as FOTA and the PTO
  • Prepare leave schedules for employees in August , to provide anticipated leave dates in order to allow proper planning and alignment with respective work plans
  • Performing other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Leadership Team through the supervising principal


  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Student-centered and nurturing personality
  • Commitment to collaborative planning and leading a team (including knowledge of department specific curriculum)
  • Minimum 5 years relevant teaching experience
  • Proficiency with educational technology
  • Fluent English speaker with strong communication skills
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Ability to see a big picture perspective
  • Experience in curriculum design
  • Demonstrate initiative
  • Ability to mediate and facilitate meetings
  • Experience in data analysis and goal setting to improve learning and teaching
  • Experience in managing budgets
  • Experience with the school’s current resources used in the department(s)
  • Experience with teacher growth and supervision

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