Career Employment Kenya: PROJECT MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST (BHA SOMALIA) Jobs Vacancy Kenya 2020
Job Description: Today Work Kenya


1.  PROGRAM MANAGEMENT                                                     50%

The incumbent is responsible for program oversight, monitoring implementation and all administrative and documentation requirements dealing with the humanitarian assistance portfolio for Somalia, which includes projects funded by BHA. The incumbent will support the development and execution of the Mission’s multi-sectoral emergency assistance strategy and implementation plan through responding to humanitarian and food assistance needs of natural and man-made disaster affected populations; building resilience by supporting community-based mechanisms that incorporate disaster risk reduction and emergency preparedness; and supporting coherent and coordinated national disaster preparedness and humanitarian response systems. The incumbent will be involved in the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of humanitarian assistance projects throughout the country, including assisting in the development and implementation of annual plans and response strategies; review and analysis of program progress reports; identification of achievements as well as problems and, in consultation with the Team Leader or designee, developing strategies to capitalize on successes and rectify problems where they exist.

The incumbent communicates with all BHA partners regarding USAID/ BHA rules and regulations, and on their obligations to USAID/BHA. The incumbent is responsible for tracking results and performance indicators; receives periodic reports to ensure that program benchmarks and goals are being met; regularly meets with partners on their monitoring plans; identifies and assists in resolving problems; prepares reports with findings and recommendations and supplements these with oral briefings to the USAID/KEA Somalia Team Leader, and will serve as Activity Manager for BHA awardees operating in Somalia, communicating with the BHA Agreement Officer’s Representative (AOR) in Washington, DC on any emerging issues.

2.  PROGRAM MONITORING                                                     25%

The incumbent is responsible for monitoring BHA projects and identifying implementation achievements, challenges and problems in performance of awardees and initiates appropriate actions in consultation with the USAID/KEA Somalia Team Leader. Through in-person and remote efforts, the incumbent will utilize their highly specialized understanding of humanitarian developments and trends within Somalia to advise/inform on humanitarian needs, conditions, and issues, including the humanitarian coordination, humanitarian space and security/conflict events and liaise with key stakeholders to exchange information on humanitarian assistance, as appropriate.

The incumbent will travel to the scene of actual or potential/anticipated disasters and participate in initial needs assessments to determine damages and humanitarian needs and participate in a broad spectrum of technical and/or needs assessments, including multi-donor/agency assessments, aimed at the identification of existing or emerging “hot spots” to determine humanitarian needs and priorities. He/she will develop and maintain a regular monitoring schedule, to include site visits to insecure, highly volatile areas when feasible as well as remote monitoring efforts to ensure accountability of BHA awards. Through monitoring visits, meetings, and document reviews, the incumbent will ensure projects are being implemented competently, in a transparent manner, in full compliance with all relevant BHA regulations, policies, and procedures, and are achieving targeted objectives.

3.  PROGRAM COORDINATION AND REPORTING                      25%

The Project Management Specialist will coordinate and liaise with high level representatives of other donor governments, host government officials, IOs, NGOs, UN Agencies, USAID Missions, and the U.S. Government inter-agency on humanitarian issues in order to identify critical humanitarian concerns and develop projects and activities for addressing them, advance BHA’s strategic priorities, and help strengthen and coordinate USG and international humanitarian activities.

In close coordination with the Team Leader the incumbent will maintain regular contact with BHA awardees, as well as UN agencies, IOs, and NGOs, and liaise with government ministries at Federal and Member State levels to stay abreast of developing issues and concerns while ensuring government understanding of BHA activities. He/she will also liaise with other USAID and USG staff to ensure mutual programming awareness while actively seeking out new opportunities for resource sharing and collaboration.

The incumbent will participate in humanitarian community working groups in order to remain up to date on emerging issues and initiatives as well as contribute to overall coordination and collaboration within the assistance community as well as among BHA partners. The Project Management Specialist will serve as a critical member of any USG disaster assessment team, Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART), D.C.-based Response Management Team (RMT), or backfill for any other staff members in an overseas office as needed in response to crisis situations.

When and where needed, he/she will prepare presentations for use within the Mission and for other stakeholders on specific emergency situations and/or on BHA mandates, responsibilities, and programs, and prepare agendas and briefings for all official USG visitors interested in humanitarian issues. The incumbent will regularly report through official cables and other means on field visit findings, meetings related directly or indirectly to BHA programs, overviews of humanitarian patterns and trends, and other issues that impact humanitarian relief efforts in the area of responsibility.


A.  Supervision Received: The incumbent is supervised by the USAID/ KEA Somalia Team Leader.      

B.  Supervision Exercised: The incumbent will supervise one CCNPSC employee, USAID PMS (Somalia) FSN-10.

C.  Available Guidelines: Food for Peace Act and ADS Chapter 251.    

D.  Exercise of Judgment: The incumbent must be able to multi-task and prioritize tasks, determine relevance of documents and various sources of information and use judgement in dealing with the public, counterparts, and other donors. Incumbent is expected to be a self-starter and to work independently with minimal guidance.     

E.  Authority To Make Commitments: The incumbent does not have the authority to commit on behalf of the USG or obligate USG funding. Incumbent is expected to exercise initiative in identifying tasks that need to be accomplished and to develop corresponding approaches and methodologies in own work requirement.      

F.  Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts: The incumbent will be in regular contact with government officials, UN agencies, NGO’s, other donors, as well as USAID employees at all levels. S/he will work closely with technical offices, up to the Office Director level, on humanitarian assistance related activities. The incumbent will be in regular contact with USAID/RDMA and USAID/W as s/he liaises with the Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance counterparts in Bangkok and Washington.     

G.  Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level: One year.