Project Management Specialist (Democracy, Human Rights & Elections) Jobs Vacancy Kenya 2020
Career Employment Kenya: Project Management Specialist (Democracy, Human Rights & Elections) Jobs Vacancy Kenya 2020
Job Description: Today Work Kenya


a. Program Management (40%) 

  • The incumbent conducts analyses and drafts well-documented memorandums for Mission Director and other senior officials’ authorization. 
  • The incumbent provides authoritative direction and guidance to project implementers on technical, reporting and administrative aspects of award implementation as authorized by the CO/AO. The incumbent tracks project finances through maintenance of financial worksheets to monitor financial expenditures and spending rates.  He/she ensures that money is disbursed effectively and within budget constraints. The incumbent ensures all program documents and project deliverables are properly maintained, organized and easily accessible in both electronic and hard copy format. 
  • The incumbent develops and implements program monitoring plans designed to ensure effective oversight and management of activities. The incumbent ensures that performance-monitoring systems are in place, and that periodic, reliable measures and indicators of portfolio impact are collected.  
  • The incumbent is responsible for ensuring that data and documents are easily accessible, current, and complete. The incumbent assesses progress in achieving results for assigned activities, determines when projects are underperforming, makes recommendations regarding corrective action, and provides written activity status reports to mission management and USAID/Washington. 
  • The incumbent continually strives to enhance the achievement of results by periodically reviewing the development context, results indicators, and activity implementation progress with the aim of identifying emerging problem areas, new priorities, and recommending necessary adjustments.
  • The incumbent serves as a focal point for assigned contracts/agreements, oversight and monitoring. As COR/AOR of 2 to 5 mechanisms valued at up to $40 million, she/he is knowledgeable of the regulatory and program oversight requirements. 

b. Strategic Development and Policy Analysis (30%) 

  • Leads cross-sectoral analysis and reporting of USAID democracy and governance assistance efforts in Kenya which includes maintaining updating and expanding data. 
  • Conducts independent assessments and prepares technical and policy analyses for written reports and oral presentations that evaluate democracy and governance issues, documenting relevant opinions and points of view for use in presentations to senior decision makers and for incorporation into USAID and U.S. Embassy documents to inform and influence decisions. 
  • Leads in the development of strategic documents, including Mission and Embassy election and governance strategies and programs; annual Operational Plans; Portfolio Reviews; annual Performance Plan Reports (PPR), CDCS, annual Congressional Budget Justifications; and other ad hoc reports as required. 
  • Advises USAID front office, U.S embassy leadership and technical offices on political, social, economic and cultural contexts and local perceptions of USAID and U.S Government’s projects. 
  • Provides authoritative briefings for the Ambassador and other officials on democracy and governance, political and economic dynamics in the country and region to inform and shape decisions. 
  • Collaborates and consults with the U.S. Embassy and other stakeholders on the USAID democracy and governance portfolio. Ensures all U.S. Government’s democracy and governance-related activities are coordinated, and the responsibilities of all agency partners clearly defined. 
  • Mainstreams governance issues across USAID sectoral programs; leads a learning agenda through cross-sectoral context and systems analysis and promotes PITA across technical offices and programs.

c. Strategic Relationships and Representational (20%)

  • Conducts joint planning with host country government officials, parliamentary counterparts, the private sector, civil society representatives, media and academia.
  • Represents U.S. policy interests at senior- and working-level contexts. Represents USAID and the U.S. Government in meetings with donors, host government, private sector and civil society. 
  • Liaises with other USAID offices, U.S. Embassy departments and agencies, nongovernmental organizations, cooperating agencies, Kenya Government officials and other partners to ensure that USAID assistance is strategic and impactful. 
  • Provides specialized advice to international organizations that collaborate with the U.S. Government, and leads technical working groups within and outside USAID and Embassy Nairobi. 
  • Serves as a key member of USAID and Embassy Nairobi Democracy and Governance Team, and regularly advises U.S. Government officials on political, social, and economic developments as well as cultural contexts and Kenyan’s perceptions of USG programs. 
  • Builds and maintains strong working relationship with USAID and USG staff and external partners.

 d. Mission and Office Management (10%) 

  • Serves as USAID’s democracy, human rights and elections specialist and advisor to the DGC Team Leader and USAID Mission Director. 
  • Leads a governance team, and provides technical direction and supervision to team members, ensuring that team activities contribute to overall accomplishment of the USAID/KEA strategy and the Journey to Self-Reliance for Kenya. 
  • Develops standard operating procedures, staffing and resource plans for the DGPS office. 
  • Serves as Acting DGPS Deputy Director for short and extended periods during which s/he supervises 10 staff and has decision making authority over a $5 to $10 million annual budget.


a. Supervision Received: The incumbent receives overall supervision from the USAID/KEA/DGPS Office Director or his/her designee. The incumbent develops his/her own work objectives against which performance is measured. In the day-to-day work environment, the incumbent takes initiative and is resourceful and creative in resolving problems and attaining the program’s goals and objectives. The incumbent has a wide latitude for exercising independent decision-making. 

b. Supervision Exercised: The incumbent will directly supervise the Project Management Specialist (Democracy and Civil Society), FSN-10 and the PMS (Democracy and Elections), FSN-10 The incumbent leads a team, and provides technical direction to team members, ensuring that team activities contribute to overall accomplishment of the USAID/KEA strategy and Mission’s vision on the Journey to Self-Reliance for Kenya. 

c. Available Guidelines: The position requires an understanding of USG and USAID regulations, policies and guidelines, especially the Federal Acquisition Regulation, Automated Directives System, USAID technical and policy documents, including Ending the Need for Foreign Assistance.  

d. Exercise of Judgment: The incumbent exercises sound and independent judgment in interpreting and applying U.S. Government and USAID regulations and standard operating procedures in the course of carrying out assigned duties.

e. Authority to Make Commitments: The incumbent is not authorized to make financial or procurement commitments on behalf of USAID/KEA or the U.S. Government.  Incumbent is  required to exercise judgement when making commitments to other kinds of partnerships with host country stakeholders and other donors.

f. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts: The incumbent establishes and maintains solid working relationships with all levels of U.S. Mission personnel and with USAID staff. Frequent contact with S. Embassy officers in Kenya, host government officials, civil society members, donors, private sector entities, and international consultants is required for this position in order to fulfill his or her duties. Often these contacts will be of a sensitive nature and discretion and good judgement is required. 

g. Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level: One year (12 Months).