Project Management Specialist (Family Planning) 21-191 Jobs Vacancy Kenya 2020
Career Employment Kenya: Project Management Specialist (Family Planning) 21-191 Jobs Vacancy Kenya 2020
Job Description: Today Work Kenya


a.Technical Assistance (30%) 

  • Serves as primary technical expert on family planning (FP) and reproductive health (RH) providing technical advice and strategic direction to the Health Population and Nutrition (HPN) Office and the USAID/Kenya and East Africa Mission. 
  • Provides programmatic recommendations to the HPN office activities based on epidemiological, health, economic, political, and other trends affecting FP & RH to strengthen health impact at the population level. 
  • Analyzes and compares programmatic options on the basis of global best practices in FP & RH, United States Government (USG) objectives, resource availability, and cost effectiveness. 
  • Provides recommendations on the design and integration of new innovations, and state of the art approaches in the context of FP & RH. 
  • Oversees USAID’s contraceptive commodity security activities to ensure reliable procurement, warehousing and distribution processes. 
  • Assists USAID and its partners in developing and implementing sound policies and programs in line with the Government of Kenya (GOK) and USAID priorities and policies.
  • Provides technical leadership and assistance to the projects in developing and strengthening linkages and support to GOK health institutions responsible for FP & RH services, as well as with facilities established by the private sector and civil society. 
  • Assists in the development of the Mission’s planning and reporting documents, semi-annual and annual performance report documents, as well as for Global Health Bureau needs, in the area of FP & RH. 

b.Project Management (30%) 

  • Serves as the Agreement/Contracting Officer’s Representative (AOR/COR) or activity manager for projects and activities that include service delivery, advocacy, social and behavior change, commodity security and other areas relevant to the FP & RH objectives of USAID/Kenya and East Africa. 
  • As AOR/COR or activity manager, oversee the development and implementation of annual work plans, schedules for budget allocation, obligation, and expenditure, portfolio reviews, evaluation planning and implementation, audits, development and outreach communications, and closeouts. As defined in the AOR/COR letter issued by the Nairobi Office of Acquisition and Assistance. 
  • Serves as the Mission Point of Contact for Agency FP & RH compliance to ensure that annual training requirements for US abortion and family planning legislative and policy requirements that govern US foreign assistance requirements, are met by both Mission staff and implementing partners. 

c. Representation and Coordination (20%) 

  • Represents USAID in relevant GOK interagency coordinating committees, working groups or task forces pertaining to family planning, sexual reproductive health, population and development, contraceptive security, providing technical assistance as required. 
  • Maintain relationships with a wide range of contacts in government and semi-autonomous government agencies, private sector and civil society organizations, development partners, implementing partners, and other stakeholders as related to FP & RH, population, and development. 
  • Conducts and leads advocacy with key stakeholders in Kenya towards achieving the national family planning goals. 
  • Participates in field visits to activity sites for monitoring program activities and, in collaboration with Mission Communication staff, assisting high-level visitors to experience USAID’s assistance in the field.

d. Monitoring and evaluation (20%) 

  • Supports effective monitoring, evaluation, analysis, and learning of USAID funding activities in FP & RH from the activity to Development Objective levels, in coordination with the Strategic Information team (SI) in the HPN office.  
  • Works in coordination with the Family Health team and the SI team to oversee the development of project and activity-level M&E plans, data quality assessments, evaluation designs, and provide technical input into high quality evaluations conducted by HPN and the Program Office. Ensures results are effectively analyzed and presented in a manner that informs programming decisions in family planning and reproductive health. 
  • Provides technical oversight and expertise in the development of performance indicators for USAID/Kenya and East Africa health sector activities in family planning and reproductive health in coordination with the Family Health team and the SI team. Track program activities and results against established performance and impact indicators. 
  • Facilitates knowledge management amongst USAID implementing partners, Ministry of Health, and other partners, through exchange of technical information and ideas, and collaboration on cross-cutting issues.


a. Supervision Received: The incumbent will receive supervision from the Family Health Team Leader, unless otherwise directed by the Office Chief or Deputy Office Chief of HPN, in the day-to-day performance of assigned duties. S/he will handle work assignments independently according to established policies, previous training, and accepted practices.  S/he will be expected to develop her/his own work schedule and procedures for accomplishing tasks, and to independently resolve problems that may arise during execution of objectives.

b. Supervision Exercised: N/A

c. Available Guidelines: USAID and State department regulations (ADS, AIDAR, FAM, Standardized Regulations), and where appropriate, USAID/Kenya Mission Orders, and relevant USAID and State/OGAC directives, policies, and strategies.

d. Exercise of Judgment: The incumbent will exercise professional judgment to make decisions and recommendations on the USAID family planning/reproductive health portfolio. S/he will apply appropriate Agency and Federal regulations and policies to a broad spectrum of technical and program support matters and in communications with Embassy and Mission employees, GOK counterparts, Kenya private sector individuals, and counterparts at other donor organizations. The Mission may make policy based on her/his recommendations.

e. Authority to Make Commitments: The incumbent will speak with authority on USAID family planning/sexual and reproductive health project implementation requirements and regulations, acting as both a specialist and an information resource to contacts in both public and private sectors. S/he is expected to represent USAID/Kenya with mid-level government and other counterparts; however, s/he cannot commit USG funds.

f. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts: The incumbent will interact regularly with mid-level government officials (e.g., Departmental/Division Directors and other staff in the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Planning & Devolution/National Council on Population & Development, County Health personnel), technical-level officials in donor agencies (including other USG agencies), and mid-to-senior staff of local and international private sector and civil society organizations. S/he may be a principal liaison on issues related to family planning/reproductive health program implementation and USG policy.  Most contacts will be in the health sector, related to policy, planning and budgeting, program implementation, budgeting, and monitoring and evaluation.

g. Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level: One year (12 Months).