Red Flags to Look Out for When Job Searching Kenya 2021
Career Employment Kenya: Red Flags to Look Out for When Job Searching Kenya 2021
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As you search for a job, there are warning signs you should look out for. You do not want to end up taking up a job that will frustrate you in the end.

We are often told that when the deal is too sweet, think twice. You have to be wary of the too good to be true job offers as they often turn out to be fake.

Sadly, it is not only the fake jobs you will have to be wary of. Here are the red flags you ought to avoid during your job hunt.

Warning Signs to Be Wary of When Searching for a Job

1. Vague Job Description

When applying for a job and you find that the job description is unclear, count that as a red flag.

If you accept such a job, you will find yourself carrying out duties you did not expect. Such a situation happens when an employer wants a multipurpose worker with low pay.

2. Work Culture (Overworking)

When you get invited for an interview, see how the employers in that company operate. If you find many of them working past office hours, be wary of that job.

Bad employers overwork their employees without proper compensation. Another way to find out about the work culture is if you are invited for an interview after working hours.

While this might seem convenient for you, consider the employees doing the interview. Would you trade places with them?

3. Unprofessional or no Communication

Be keen on how your potential employer communicates. Is the communication unprofessional? Were you promised communication to no avail? If yes, then you can write it off as a red flag.

Poor communication tells a lot about the company. It shows how little they value people and that is not a good sign.

You need to work in an environment where following through with promises is a priority.

4. Stress on earning potential rather than the current salary

One of the most common red flags is when a potential employer emphasizes your potential salary and avoids talking about the current one.

When they do this, you just know that they are underpaying you. You should not have to work for a company that does not value the welfare of its employees.

Besides, more often than not that they will not follow through with the salary raise as promised.

5. Poorly Designed Company website

If a company does not care about its presence online, it shows how less they care about their work. A good company will have a well-designed and managed website because it represents what they stand for.

You can also check the company reviews and if they are negative, count it as a warning sign.

6. The Company Changes the previous salary offer

You find that in the advert, the job offers a specific amount of salary. When you are called for an interview, you are told that the job pays less than they said they would.

This is a huge red flag and you should highly consider not taking the job

7. You are treated rudely during the interview

If you are treated without any respect before you start a job, what makes you think they will change once you take the job?

A good business prides itself on proper etiquette. Being treated rudely is a sign you should not work there.

8. Your Gut tells you not to take the job

Sometimes, something just tells you that this job is not for you. If your gut keeps nudging you about a particular job, find out more about it.

Your gut is never misplaced therefore you should trust your judgment.

All you have to do to avoid red flags when searching for a job is to be vigilant and have specific boundaries and goals.

Do not accept less than you deserve.

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