Stop Saying These 5 Words In Your Interview! Kenya 2021
Career Employment Kenya: Stop Saying These 5 Words In Your Interview! Kenya 2021
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Interviews can feel like a make or break moment. So, when you’ve done all the hard work of getting the interview, you want to give it your best.

Taking a moment to consider the words you’ll use is one way to ensure you put your best foot forward.

The right words can help you show the interviewer that you understand the role, and that you’re not just talking the talk and are ready to put the skills on your CV into action.

Here are some 5 cliché words that you should avoid if you don’t want to give a bad impression;

Team player/people person

Calling yourself a “team player” or a “people person” no longer cuts it, and often, is seen as overdone and lazy. Instead, recount a story for the employer about how you overcame a challenge by working as a part of a team.


Nobody is perfect, so this answer is essentially another way of saying, “I’m too weak to admit any weaknesses.” This is a behavioral question that managers take seriously, so have an in-depth response prepared.

Ultimately, it comes down to being honest about what you need to work on, giving some examples, and then discussing how you plan to work on those weaknesses.

Hard working

What else would you say? That you’re lazy? Everyone says they’re hard working.

Instead of using this term, illustrate it by coming armed with examples of results you’ve gotten in previous positions. Results, like increases in sales or revenue – or numbers of any kind – demonstrate that you’re a “hard worker,” since these things take hard work to achieve.


This is the most overused answer especially when responding to questions in regards to weaknesses. Say something like “I’m not very good at speaking up in meetings,” then talk about how you’re working to overcome this weakness. Your answer has to be realistic and honest.


Employers dread this response, and if you find yourself saying it, the best case scenario is that your interviewer will ask you to elaborate. Worst case? They’ll be unimpressed because they’ve heard it so many times, and move on.

A more appropriate answer might be: “I’m not afraid to take the lead on projects, and I can do so with little guidance,” followed by an example of a time when you successfully did this.

Bottom line….

Honest is always the best policy when it comes to job interviews. Do your research and ensure that your answers are relevant to the job description.

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