Story Of Boda Boda Rider Nominated To County Assembly 2022
Career Employment Kenya: Story Of Boda Boda Rider Nominated To County Assembly 2022
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Every great accomplishment starts at the bottom. The bottom being the place where you have no prior skill, knowledge or no experience.

No one likes the idea of starting from the bottom. To have to start from zero, without anything to your name, the slow uphill climb seeming almost unbearable at times.

However, this is where you learn how to persevere and most importantly work hard to achieve that dream.  Tony Marubu is a representation of what it means to start from the bottom.

Tony Marubu, a boda boda rider in Murang’a Town, is a delighted man after earning a nomination slot to the County Assembly of Murang’a – courtesy of the United Democratic Alliance party (UDA).

The announcement was made by Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro on Friday, September 16. Nyoro described the motorbike rider as a sharp and articulate youth.

Despite scoring a mean grade of C+ in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE), Marubu was unable to pursue further studies after lacking the requisite funds. He resorted to operating in the boda boda industry in Muranga’a town where he has been working for the last two years, making ends meet.

While running his normal political errands in the town, Nyoro discovered the brilliance of the youthful boda boda rider. Marubu stood out with his sharpness and articulate commentary on issues affecting the county.

It is from the meeting that the MP summoned him to his offices for further interactions. Nyoro had resolved to help sponsor Marubu to pursue a course in college prior to his nomination as an MCA.

“We noticed him around two years ago in our usual work activities. He came out as sharp and articulate. Called him to the office and enquired about him. He told me he had scored C+ but was unable to proceed to college.

“We were willing to sponsor him for a teaching course but in the course of making it happen, he is now an MCA,” Nyoro stated.

On his part, Marubu who is popularly known as Manucho welcomed the nomination and expressed his gratitude to the Kiharu MP.  Nyoro lauded the nomination of the bodaboda rider as one of the greatest agendas his part of UDA has championed.

“Of all the things we have done as UDA fraternity, the nomination of Tony Marubu as an MCA in Murang’a is among the greatest,” he added.

“Congratulations Manucho. You are an inspiration to many young people, especially in the boda boda sector. Wishing you the best as you represent the youth of Murang’a in the county assembly.”

The President William Ruto-led party campaigned on a bottom-up economic agenda which, according to the Kenya Kwanza Coalition, will work towards enhancing the transformation of people at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

In particular, Ruto vowed to build a government that would be inclusive of the voices of mama mbogas and bodaboda riders.

What we should learn from Tony’s story;

Starting from the bottom is tough, no matter what your goals or dreams are. But the experiences we go through and the circumstances that surround us are a breeding ground for some of the most powerful and important ingredients for success.

If you’re starting from the bottom, believe in yourself because you have advantages that others who don’t have to start from the bottom will never have: an unstoppable hunger, the resourcefulness to make anything happen, and an inspiring story in the making that will fuel you and inspire others.

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