Tdh Logistics Manager Job in Nairobi Kenya 2019
Career Employment Kenya: Tdh Logistics Manager Job in Nairobi Kenya 2019
Job Description: Today Work Kenya

Terre des hommes (Tdh)

Job title: Logistics Manager

Categories: ☐ Collaboration ☐ Advice ☒ Management

Function: Accountable for delivery of projects on time, on budget with quality and according to donor and internal standards and procedures.

Location: Nairobi Kenya

Reports to (Hierarchically): Country Representative

Start date: September 9th- 2019

Working time in %: 100

Context and General Responsibilities

Tdh has been active in Kenya since 2011 in Dadaab refugee camp (child protection), the arid county of Garissa (nutrition) and the ultra-poor slums of Nairobi (integrated child protection).

In June 2018, the organization initiated a reflection to reorient activities to also address development needs around child protection services as the gap in support is significant. Humanitarian needs are very present due to the situation at Kenya’s borders, the country’s difficulty in tackling natural disasters and the risk of terrorism.

There have been encouraging funding opportunities and if they materialize this will lead to multi-year projects on access to justice and early childhood development. There are many other untapped opportunities in the tech and social enterprise sector.

The delegation is facing a number of challenges that include staff turn around, complex local politics and interference, uncertain and changing humanitarian agenda, challenge in finding technical and operational skills that match our ambitions. Following a review of our logistics department and our security management, and the presence for 3 months of a logistic specialist it was decided that Logistician manager was required in order to maintain the delegation to standards.

We are seeking an efficient individual capable with his/her experience and skills, to ensure that the delegation logistics and security systems allow the smooth delivery of projects and that the delegation maintains high professional standards on these fields.

Specific Responsibilities

In all project sites:


  • Ensure the respect of Tdh and donor purchase procedures;
  • Identify and plan the delegation’s procurement in collaboration with log/admin staff and Project Managers.
  • Ensure respect of the quality of the purchase and the delivery deadlines;
  • Follow up the order/purchase until delivery;
  • Ensure regular purchases follow up in close collaboration with the Administration Department for down payments and monthly budget follow up.
  • Ensure preparation of weekly procurement follow up updates according to the format available at the delegation


  • Ensure the respect of Tdh’s and donor stock management procedure;
  • Manage regular inventory (monthly, quarterly, yearly) for the different items stored in the delegation;
  • Plan the stock supplying according to local constraints;
  • In charge of the warehouse management and control system;
  • Ensure security and the follow up of the equipment used on the delegation (identification, inventory, affectation);
  • Ensure the security and the follow up of the communication and IT equipment (and supplies) on the delegation (identification, inventory, affectation);


  • Ensure the respect of Tdh and donor vehicle management procedure;
  • Supervise the general follow up of the delegation vehicle (consummation checks, movement planning, vehicle rental contracts, etc.)
  • Ensure a regular maintenance on the different vehicle of the delegation, setup appropriate maintenance contract with supplier or ensure an appropriate repair process with local technicians;
  • Handle transport contract negotiation with suppliers and follow up;
  • Define the more relevant means of transport for goods delivery and process the administrative formalities related to (by road, by plane, by boat, etc.) national, regional and international in a rapidly shifting context


  • Ensure smooth and transparent running of movement with necessary approval and recording


  • Update and Ensure the respect of the security guideline adopted on the delegation, the good functioning of the relative tools and process and the correct use and acknowledge from all the members of the delegation (national & international staff) in close links with country rep;
  • Manage security guidelines updates, geopolitical follow up, incident reports and analysis;
  • Ensure that every single incident is reported as fast as possible to the Head of Delegation;
  • Keep informed of security trends


  • Maintain management routine system (meetings, reports, situation points, etc.) to ensure a smooth diffusion of relevant information (logistics) at delegation level;
  • Manage logistics support in collaboration with logisticians and advice and interact specifically with the Project team on regular basis.
  • Frequent movements have to be expected between the different bases if security and administrative constraint allows;
  • Ensure a pro-active link between the field (needs) and logistics team (needs & support) and play a continuous mediating role;


  • Ensure good functioning of the all sites equipment and maintenance (computers, printers, photocopiers, fridges, generators, etc.).
  • Searches for adequate premises when required
  • Organises moves when required


  • Maintains assets in good conditions
  • Disposes of assets when required
  • Maintains sate of the art records for assets


  • ensure strict application and respect of the Internal Regulation by your related staff
  • support and advise your team in the implementation of their action plans;
  • ensure feedback towards team about issues potentially raised by them;
  • ensure a good communication – coordination – information level of each member of the team through regular coordination meetings (or other if needed);
  • ensure conflict resolution (personal and professional) in team
  • propose relevant needed adaptation to the organisational chart of the delegation and contribute to its implementation (job descriptions, etc.),
  • You support your staff in their management duty: coordination meetings, individual interviews, etc.


  • Centralize all logistics information available on the delegation and consolidate a monthly report (into the proper reporting form) to be delivered to the country representative.
  • Prepare a weekly report to be delivered to the country representative.
  • Provide regular reporting on your activities to the country representative


  • You participate actively to logistics and information meetings with peer organisations;
  • Maintain positive relations with TDH’s partners and potential partners


  • Degree in humanitarian logistics
  • A minimum of three years in a similar position with two years in an NGO compulsory
  • Qualifications in security management or equivalent experience
  • IT: knowledge of computer maintenance is an asset
  • Experience in capacity building management is a strong asset
  • English mandatory (oral and written)
  • Ability to work under pressure with a great level of personal organisation
  • Sense of Diplomacy and patience
  • Ability to do critical analyse with limited information

Other :

Abuse Prevention Policy – Operational Risk Management

  • Commit to respect Tdh Risk Management Policies including: Child Safeguarding Policy, Safety and Security Policy and Anti-Fraud/Corruption Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy
  • Commit to ensure the best implementation possible of the Tdh Risk Management Policies
  • Commit to inform supervisors and to deal with any cases, allegations, or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the Tdh Risk Management Policies.

Application modalities:

Interested candidates that fit the above requirements are requested to submit a covering letter & CV to by 28th August 2019 stating their daytime telephone contacts and addresses of three referees.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Tdh’s recruitment and selection procedures reflect our commitment to protect children’s rights, which includes the prevention of all forms of child abuse.

Tdh is an equal opportunity employer. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

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