Top 6 Strategies for Effective Performance Management Kenya 2021
Career Employment Kenya: Top 6 Strategies for Effective Performance Management Kenya 2021
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While the popular argument is that having a solid business strategy is essential for a company’s success, actualizing the strategy requires having an effective performance management system in place.

As a manager or HR professional, monitoring the performance of your employees is a major part of your responsibilities.

You should have a performance management system that will help you create a culture of communication, self-leadership, and empowerment of your employees.

Such culture is the type that will push the employees to take ownership of their responsibilities and goals, thus giving the best results.

Sounds amazing, right?

Here are six strategies you can use for your performance management to achieve your company goals.

Strategies for Effective Performance Management.

1. Communicate company objectives and define performance expectations

Letting the employees know about the objectives of the company and their performance objectives will help them stay on track.

Being aware of what is expected of them is what will make your employees step up and produce better results.

This performance strategy forms the foundation for your employees to achieve the set goals.

2. Do regular check-ins and give constant feedback

Regular check-ins and giving feedback consistently is a good strategy for managing your employees’ performance.

Doing this will help you acknowledge your employees for what they are doing right and let them know where they should do better.

It is also a way for you to find out the challenges your employees are going through. Having this knowledge will aid you in finding solutions to help them perform better.

3. Employ 360 degrees appraisal

Instead of the usual review where only the manager appraises the employees, a 360-degree review will give you feedback on your employees’ performance from different angles.

The review you will get from this performance strategy will be from a manager, co-workers, subordinates, and even from the clients.

This kind of appraisal will give you a whole rounded review of the employees making your management role easier.

4. Acknowledge exceptional performance

Acknowledging the good work your employees do is a perfect performance management strategy to increase their morale.

As their manager, you have to give credit where it is due. Not only will it make employees happy, but they will also be eager to achieve better.

5. Use performance management software

Using the performance management software will simplify your process, making it easier to share review forms, set 360 reviews, track individual goals, and set up and remind stakeholders about scheduled reviews and check-ins.

The software will is simple and easy to use for managers and direct reports alike, making the entire performance management process a truly seamless one.

6. Give employees training and development a priority

To have an effective performance management system, one of your strategies should include training your employees and prioritizing their development.

The training will help them learn about new work tips to help improve their performance. Caring about their development can only lead to goal achievements.

Isn’t this the dream?

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