Ways to Condense Your CV without Losing its Value Kenya 2021
Career Employment Kenya: Ways to Condense Your CV without Losing its Value Kenya 2021
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We are dominated by a culture that requires us to communicate with precision. This culture also applies to CV writing.

Employers no longer want to spend time going through only one resume. They like a CV that cuts to the chase and shows them why they should hire the owner.

No matter how long you have been in the work industry, you have to shorten your CV to three pages at most.

One might argue that a lengthy curriculum vitae gives one room to weave in more keywords.

The truth is, your resume does not have to be lengthy to have enough keywords. You only have to master the art of saying more with fewer words.

As someone who has a long resume, how do you shorten your CV without losing its value?

Before I take you through ways to effectively shorten your resume, let us have a look at the guidelines in regards to its length.

CV Writing Length Guidelines

1. One-page rule

The length of your CV is determined by your years of experience. If you have worked for less than ten years, keep your resume to one page. If you have worked longer, the highest number of pages of your CV should not exceed three.

2. Career Summary

Your career summary should be precise. Keep it short to three to six lines so you do not bore the employer when going through your CV.

3. Core skills

Tailor your CV to match the job description. This will help you limit your competencies to only the essential ones thus helping you save space.

4. Bullet per role

For each role, use bullets. This formatting style will help you say more with fewer words.

5. Bullet length

Limit the length of your points to two sentences. Go straight to the point and talk about what you accomplished in your role.

6. Amount of career history to include

If you have worked for more than ten years, there are work experiences that you no longer need to write in your CV.

Another way to determine what goes in your resume, check how relevant they are to the job you seek.

Now let us delve deeper into ways you can shorten your resume without altering its value.

How to Effectively Shorten your CV

  • Say more with less. Delete repetitive words and cut out the unnecessary ones.
  • Use action verbs as they explain your achievements with more energy than the other verbs. Using a word like “I strategized and executed a plan” instead of “I wrote a plan for a project” is better.
  • Avoid using vague descriptions and employ specific phrases that add value and meaning to the text.
  • Choose the correct CV writing format that will bring out your achievements in an impressive way.
  • Subdivide your long points to emphasize the cross-functionality of your skills. Doing this will also make your CV easier to read.
  • Contextualize your achievements for more credibility. You can do this by giving exact quantifiers of the results you got.
  • Focus on your achievements. Talking about results saves you from writing long sentences and shows the employer why you are the perfect choice for the job.
  • Carefully choose the information you want to include and find the right words to describe it perfectly.

There simply is no room for your entire work history in your CV. Follow the guidelines and tips above to write an impressive CV.

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