What Next After Getting A Professional CV? Kenya 2021
Career Employment Kenya: What Next After Getting A Professional CV? Kenya 2021
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Have you had your CV professionally done and are wondering what to do next to land the job of your dreams?

Well, this is the time to send it out and be on your way to your next job. However, if you are still wondering what to do, follow these easy steps:

What to Do After Getting a Professional CV

1. Find open positions in your field of study

After having your CV edited, it is now time to throw yourself into the job market. Nothing should stop you from making applications for those jobs you match the qualifications.

Visit job websites to scout for open opportunities. And while at it, make sure to have a pen and paper next to you.

This way, you will be able to list all the open positions you are qualified for, including key requirements and other special qualifications. Writing down this information will help you when customizing your cover letter.

2. Prepare to submit your job application

The next step after searching for jobs is to submit an application. Do not wait until the next day or near the deadline as it may cost you the opportunity.

Does your CV portray the key requirements of the job? Does it show, clearly, that you are qualified for the role in question? If you believe a recruiter will spot those requirements at a glance, know your CV is ready for sending.

If not, you will need to change a few things to make sure it’s clear. For instance, if the job requires candidates to have analytical skills and that particular skill is number 5 on your CV, you can move it up for easy spotting.

When you are certain your professional CV is ready, now move on to your Cover Letter. Your cover letter should be written uniquely for each job that you listed in step one. Do not write one generic cover letter and duplicate it for all the open positions you are applying for. This will not work out well for you.

3. Send out your job applications, but make sure you do it right

Once your professional CV and Cover Letter are ready, consult a job application checklist when sending out your applications for each job listed. It may take you longer than you would by inputting the email address and hitting send, but it will be worth it. After all, remember you are competing against other suitably qualified candidates who will do all they can to avoid mistakes.

4. Prepare for your next job interview

You may not have received a reply from employers yet, and you may not know if you got the job or not. But that should not matter. Your biggest concern after getting a professional CV should be how to get your next job or get that promotion you have been eyeing. 

Picture yourself receiving an interview invite to one or every job you have applied for. What would you do? You would start preparing by rehearsing possible interview questions, learning more about the hiring organization, and talking to an interview coach whenever you feel stuck. An even better idea would be to schedule a mock interview to reduce those nerves and get over your interview anxiety.

Preparing for the interview (that you don’t have yet) will make it easier for you when the employer calls to inform you that you are among the shortlisted candidates. Instead of getting anxious and forgetting what you need to know, you will be confident enough to impress any interviewer.

In the end,

Having a professional CV is not a guarantee that you will get a job. No. It is a step closer to getting hired as employers will now see your qualifications at a glance and invite you for the interview. Remember, there are other qualified candidates with professional CVs like you. 

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